Apple Mac / Nokia N91: Isync , Ical entries are showing up late!

Hi  , JBC has sent in this email……..


I've managed to get my N91 syncing (thanks to n91.10.4.6 blogspot) but I have a problem with calendar entries. If I set an alarm in iCal, say for 15mins before a meeting is due to start, it shows up on the N91 calendar as starting 45mins after the meeting (basically an hour later than when I set the alarm for). Any thoughts? Anyone else you know come across this?


Ive never heard of this on the phone and personly i dont use the ical as i use Gcal instead.

What I might suggest is to do a complete reset of the phone, also backing up what ever you need also.
Once done , i suggest putting only one Ical entry in to Ical, and then sync it with the phone and see what happens?

If this is ok, then add a few more,  and see what happens.

I think its important to remember that the process you used to enable this feature in the first place is a hack , and as such anything can happen, which is a risk we all took in this.

In somthing like this , i suggest starting from scratch, reset the phone , do the hack again , and try the isync again ,also make sure the time and date is correct on thie as well , leave nothing to chance.

Im hopeing that MAYBE someone else has seen this and will comment on it , ive checked my sources and nothing comes up. But this is stil new and its a hack thats created this process in the first place.

let us know how it goes !



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One response to “Apple Mac / Nokia N91: Isync , Ical entries are showing up late!

  1. Dany Cocorca

    Hi Folks,

    I can offer you a very simple and last but not least “FREE” solution for the problems with alarm time setoffs while synchronizing between iSync and Nokia E-Series or others.

    a) Choose a time zone that shows GMT +/- 0.00! There is only 1 such time zone, that is Iceland or Reykjavik, depending on eventually built in offerings.

    b) Set the time which will change first of course to Iceland time manually back to your local time and just say no if the phone asks you if you would like to change the time zone!

    c) Now your phone shows local time with a zero offset with GMT (UTC) which lets you sinc events with alarm without troubling faulty alarm setoffs.

    This will not work perfectly if your local time zone does not switch to/from DST (Daylight Savings Times) the same day like Iceland, means this works well for most of Europe, while if in the Americas for example, you have to change from and/or to DST manually, there is an offset of somewhat between 1 and 3 weeks. Howerver this solves the syncing problem and although one hast to adapt DST manually which is not everywhere the case, this is an acceptable effort and further problems are not known to me. I am anyway not a friend of to many automized functions since they sooner or later produce problems, generally speaking :-))

    Have fun then and enjoy this top hardware combination, means both, macs and nokias have over all still not been topped yet.

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