Nokia N91: Firmware update via the NET in the US ?

Well its my fav female reader Lizz again , ( Maybe my only one?) with this question.


Hey there, Lizz again.

I'm still waiting for the price to drop just a bit before I finally get my very own N91 but I was curious about firmware. I will be buying an unlocked phone because I live in the U.S. and who knows when the N91 will be available here, if at all.

Do you know if I will still be able to update the firmware? You had an entry awhile back about having it done for free but I don't know that I would have access to this in the states. Is there a way to do this over the internet or am I just out of luck?

Thanks for the continued awesomeness of the blog, I check it everyday.



Well Lizz, Many thanks for writeing in again , its always nice to know that there are female readers out there, ( I wonder if i looked like Colin Farrell would that help bring the number up? I have the Irish accent!! 😉

As far as I understand it , and as per my post with regards Firmware updates, you will need to go in to a Nokia Shop/reseller, as long as the phone is not stolen , or a pirate version i see no issues with getting a update.

Currently its not possible to do Internet or over the air Firmware update , but i belive that an upcoming update to the Symbian OS v3 will enable this feature, but ive no idea when this will be released.

Its been a while since ive been to the US , so im not really in a place to comment , im guessing that the update will be free so long as the warrentiy is still intact.

One thing you can do is give them a call , and im sure they will be able to tell you exactly what the story is on this matter.

Perhaps some of the other US readers can leave a comment here and let us know what the details are as im sure there are plenty of people interested in this matter.




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5 responses to “Nokia N91: Firmware update via the NET in the US ?

  1. Dips

    Nokia resellers such as Carphone Warehouse (in the UK) will upgrade the software on your phone for free whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if the phone is out of warranty or it is very old, as long as it’s not on the register of stolen phones.

  2. Hadi

    yeh lots of times the companies themselves do it…if it’s a must…you can just take it in to your local specialty phone shop and get them to do it for $15.00

  3. macbuckley

    Dips is right, as long as the warranity is fine and the phone is not stolen they should do it for free.
    For the US i suggest ringing around the various stores that can do the update, have a look at the Nokia US site for support info

  4. Dips

    It doesn’t even have to be in warranty. I used to take my 8310 back to them frequently after the warranty had expired as their were software bugs aplenty in the phone and they would upgrade the software whilst I waited with no charge.

  5. Nokia is best in the world and have good features.

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