N91-MAC:Nokia N91 now in the US

Once again my fav female reader Lizz has enlighted me to some news for our American readers……..


Hey Mac, Lizz here one more time.  Probably more to be
honest.  I just wanted to let you know so you can post
it on the blog for anyone else in the U.S. who is
interested in the N91 that Nokia's USA website is now
selling the N91 for $599.  We can now buy it directly
from Nokia which should solve any warranty or firmware
issues for all of us in the states.

I'll be ordering mine today or tomorrow and then soon
I'll be able to offer advice about the phone myself
instead of just asking questions.

Thanks again for all your continued help!



Many Thanks for the Info Lizz,

Ive heard that the US get screwed sometimes when it comes to mobiles, ( Cells) i even heard that its really hard to get a simple unlocked phone, ie it MUST be assigned to a network when bought?? Is that true??

Also , there is no such thing as Prepaid in the US when it comes to Mobile phone networks, everyone is on contract.

Would love to get some answers to those questions from our American readers.



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One response to “N91-MAC:Nokia N91 now in the US

  1. Lizz

    getting an unlocked cell phone around here can be a pain. you just have to find a smaller cell phone store that is willing to get them for you but generally all phones are tied to a carrier.

    there are some prepaid phones but it usually ends up costing more in the long run so people just go ahead and sign contracts.

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