Nokia N91: Hangups with Firmware every day?

A lovely email sent in by Rene……


Hi mac,


The n91 is a great phone, music player, camera and what not. I’m a proud owner for a couple of weeks, but… during regular use ( only 2 apps running: music player & sms compose / send ) i’m suddenly forced to reboot because of a system / application hangup. An effort to compose a new message results in a halted screen. Shutting down the application through the running applications overview has no effect. Rebooting the device once or twice a day has become a standard procedure.

So my question is, are you experiencing similar hangups with the newer firmware? Because right now i’m still running the release firmware. ( 29/3/06 ). The nearest repair centre didn’t have a newer firmware, grr.

Quite nasty of Nokia, because it reminds me of the nokia 7710 (symbian 60)  that i owned about a year ago. Also awfull hangups and overall slow performance compared to other symbian phones.
I’m getting the impression that Nokia isn’t really paying attention to the long term user experience of their symbian phones.

I predict that the usability and user experience of the n91 will be two huge road blocks for the n91 to become an ipod killer or even having succes, if nothing is done to reduce hangups that is.


For now, we’ll have to close our eyelids when an error occurs 🙂


Greetings from \nHolland,



“,0] ); D([“ce”]); //–>Greetings from Holland,




Thanks for the mail

Well let me start of by saying that i too have the hangups, however not every day , if forced to say how often , id say maybe once every 2-3 weeks.

Also , my Firmware is the same as you for this reason…..

Nokia N91-1

v1.00.28.58   where 58 relates to the country.

So in effect I have almost the same Firmware as you.

BUT  i do have a suggestion, one thing that is bound to be diffrent on our phones from each other is what software we have.

I suggest removeing software one piece at a time and see how often the hangs happen, this will then give you a rough idea of the cause and how to avoid it.

When last i checked a new firmware is due out sometime this month so Ill keep m ears open for that , or indeed let us know here.




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7 responses to “Nokia N91: Hangups with Firmware every day?

  1. Voda1

    New Firmware: I get approx 1 crash every week. I have seen the new firmward with my own eyes (from a friend who just bought his last week- UK). So at least theere are phones in production with it – V1.10.30. Now we need to “encourage” the service centers to get this sw 🙂


  2. Dips

    New firmware out then? Anyone got any news on it? Mac?

  3. macbuckley

    Hi, Yeah Il have to get it sometime , just need the time to get it, but certainly interested in anyone else who may have gotten it.

  4. juan arango

    I have firmware version 1.10.30 for my N91 and i get 2 or 3 crash every day.
    Bad phone model.

  5. mark manila

    nokia has updated the n91’s firmware… v2.00.052 is now available and i believe that there is a do-it-yourself firmware upgrade being offered by nokia to make firmware upgrading less of a burden for us nokia users… all you need to do is download the firmware from this site and just follow the instructions… BE HAPPY!! N91 RULES!!!

  6. joel

    Hi Mark,
    I downloaded the file from the site you gave, but doing so a message during the process said no firmware update needed. Seems like my firmware is updated however checking it its only V1.00.028.46.

    Please help where you got the V2 firmware.

    I can’t anymore use my CP without a power reset.


  7. arjun

    hi, N-91 is great phone i ever had, m using it for face book and to listen music but yesterday something happen to my mob and (myopera) deleted and now i want to re download opera so which version of opera i’ve to download?

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