Nokia N91: Podcasting user Experience.

Hi ,

OK Since the day that ive heard of it iv been interested in this app from Nokia , if it does what it says it can i belive that this can be a very usefull app , but not in the way that Nokia thinks, more on that later.

Firstly some info on it……..

If you arent aware of what podcasts are then you are in serious trouble , with the release of the Ipod ( hint) it has become mainstream all over the internet, and in some cases is very usefull. Click here for info
To install click on this link to take you to this page to download the file and send it direct to your Nokia N91 and install on to the phone, ive used the harddrive to install it on but you can decide for your self where you want as I dont think it makes much differance.

Install is easy, just say yes to every question it may ask.

So what do you get ??

Well the shortcut will be installed in the default location, My own folder.

(Above) So far it looks simple to use, the Podcasts will hold what ever you have currently downloaded or added to from the Directories folder. And there is the added trick of being able to search thru your Podcasts , however ive yet to test that , stay tuned.

(Above) As you can see i have nothing in there at the moment , but that will change when i get home from work and use the WIFI network i have there.( I will update this post when i have content to add)

(Above) This is what you will find in the Directories Folder, from here you can add in more even add an OPML file if you so wish.

OK So thats the first part , Ill be updateing this post this eveing when i get to use the APP a bit more.

Things to note so far……

  1. easy install for everyone, just copy over via Bluetooth/USB
  2. You can choose whether the Podcasting application uses Wireless LAN (requires WLAN network access) or GPRS/WCDMA packet data (requires a packet data plan) to download podcasts to your Nokia N91
  3. Search function may well be usefull depending on what youve got downloaded .
  4. Now you can Listen/Watch , Your Mp3s, Radio, Video, and now Podcasts!!!

Also , ive received anohter App that i was testing it looked promiseing but was failing at the RSS feed end , if this app does what i Hope it does i belive it will be possbile to stream my itunes collection from my MAC to the Nokia N91 via a WIFI connection, more on that later on.




Ok Ive had a chance to use the app over my own WIFI network and im impressed!

Here is what I did….

Going in to the Directories i wanted to pick something usefull so I figured the PodShow Top 10 would be a good start if any.
Selecting the Folder or going to Options will have it ask you which Access point to use, remember it CAN use GPRS/WCMD but why bother if you have access to a free WIFI of your own or in a pub somewhere??

Once the access point is selected, it will then update the Diretories as you will see in the next shot.


Once updated we access it to see whats in there.


Nothing that i know of but hey this is just a trial run anyway.

Ok so I decide to try the first one to see what happens ,in this case it asked if i wanted to subscribe, to which i said yes.


OK once that was done a new entry was found in the Podcasts Folder, from now on this will be updated either Automaticly by the phone or by my self . As im not always in the area of a free WIFI i set it to Manual.

OK , so here i am with the list of Podcasts from the Site its self, as you see it gives details of how long ago it was released …the Title…….etc..

So i went ahead and downloaded one , over my WIFI connection it took no time at all!

Completed, now to have a listen….

Easy to do that , Options then play…… it will then open in the Music player…


Played very well , no issues that I saw….

Final Verdict…

Podcasting app from Nokia is easy to use and I encountered no hangs at all.

Im sure that the offers that come with it wont suit all , but its ok as its easy enough to add your choice of Podcast url by going in to the Options section when in Podcasts.

Anyway, ill keep useing it and see what else it can do , would be nice to hear others thoughts on it!



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One response to “Nokia N91: Podcasting user Experience.

  1. Dips

    I’ve used it too. I used the search function to find a couple of decent podcasts like the Sportsweek one from BBC. However, I couldn’t find the one from Chris Moyles, Ricky Gervais or Baddiel and Skinner – these are the ones I would like to suscribe to but can’t seem to be able to…..any ideas?

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