Nokia N91: Normal Headphones and make a Call?

An Email sent in by Paul asks what i would think is a common question…


Hi Mac, I am thinking of getting a N91 and have a question.

If I am using my own headphones, am i still able to make a call?  With other phones you need the little microphone on the headset, but with your own headphones the 'remote control' will not be there as I understand you plug straight into the phones jack.

Many thanks



Hi Paul ,

Thanks for the Email.

I can indeed report that any headphone that you plug in to the Phones 3.5mm jack will also allow you to make abd receive calls. All that happens is that if the remote mic is not present then the phones onw mic is then used by the receiveing sound if put through the headphones ou have pluged in.

Hope that Answers your Question.



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