Nokia N91: Firmware info update

HI ,

I thought that it might be a good idea to let you all know the current status of the Nokia N91 Firmware as it stands.

Please be aware that this pertains to Ireland, and I cant validate for any other country, how ever from what I understand the updates are universal so should remain the same, if in doubt in your local area i suggest to contact you local Nokia stockist.

Below you will see a detailed listing of the updates that have so far appeared for the Nokia N91, please note that overall there are no new updates, at least as of June 9/ 06 an this list pertains to Firmware versions 1.00.028xxxx & 1.01.001xxxx ( xxxx being the Country code).

In general there have been small updates released by Nokia but nothing on a grand scale but it is good to see that updates are being released to some extent so , if you are having issue, they may be simple bugs that can be fixed by these updates.

·  TPO content SW package 
TPO content SW package (for MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  09 June 2006    Size:  261.6 MB

·  Minor Data Package 
RM-43 dp v 4.03 (MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  09 June 2006    Size:  7.9 MB

·  Tutorial content SW package 
Tutorial content SW package (for MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  11 May 2006    Size:  9.4 MB

·  Minor Data Package 
RM-43 dp v 4.02 (MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  11 May 2006    Size:  32.2 MB

·  Minor Data Package 
RM-43 dp v 4.01 (MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  05 May 2006    Size:  9.9 MB

·  Major Data Package 
Rm-43 dp v 4.0 (MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  13 April 2006    Size:  98.7 MB

I received this information from a local Nokia stockist, im not free to give the name out but the source is reliable.

Hope this is usefull to some of you.




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7 responses to “Nokia N91: Firmware info update

  1. Bill

    Here it is 1.01 is out!!!! Update the firmware!

  2. pappy

    There is a 1.10 which supposedly corrects many bugs. I was told it sould be “everywhere” now especially in a high-tech savy country like Ireland


  3. jon

    i have abroplme Firmware

  4. dmc3

    can i perform the firmware update by myself? is it by only using the usb cable? pls help me i need answers….. if can pls provide the resource to update the firmware.. i have the old firmware V1.00.028.13

  5. Your Dad

    This webpage is out of date. I have firmware V2.00.052 & this is dated the 25-08-06 (RM-43 N91 [40.02])

    Download the firmware update tool from nokia :,,96565,00.html

    Just select your phone from the list, Download the software & away u go…

    This will work for any N91 anywhere in the world.

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