Nokia N91: Harddrive useage tips

A very usefull collection of tips for use with the HDD in the Nokia N91.


Hello Mac,

Keep up the good work. I find your blog very interesting and useful.

I wanted to share some tips to protect the data integrity of the Hard Disk Drive of the N91.

1) Back up your HDD data regularly. If you ran into data problems and have to re-format the HDD you will not lose as much data. I recommend using File transfer to copy all the contents (including hidden files)

2) Don't take out the battery when the phone is ON. In fact NEVER take out the battery cover if the phone is on!. The HDD will shut down when you take off the battery cover (Warning message shown) and if you lose power while the HDD is on it could damage the data being read/writen to it.

3) When you want to disconnect USB mode on the N91 do so properly. If you just remove the cable from the phone there could be data that wasn't writen and thus create corruption. If there is no Disconnect option in the softkeys, use the Red key to end the connection. I'm not sure how you can end the connection from the Mac OS, but in XP there is an icon on the tray to disconnect the USB device.

Following these simple tips will make less likely to damage the data in the HDD and cause less headaches.




Many Thanks for this Vihtori!




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3 responses to “Nokia N91: Harddrive useage tips

  1. DavEc

    N91 & OS X mass storage device error?

    1. mount the N91 as a mass storage device (to a Mac…)
    2. transfer mp3’s etc to the HDD
    3. eject the N91 disk from Finder
    4. push red button on the N91 and I get the error ‘data loss may occur’

    no data is been transfered at the time…

    is this usual?

  2. Bhavin Shah

    the harddrive of n91 needs to be replaced, said by Nokia.. what is it?? do i need to get a new harddrive for it? and where can i get it? the nokia guys are charging a hell lot.

  3. death2007

    Try some of the online stores, You can go to Pricegrabber they have some cool listings. Also just google it. You’ll find some!

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