N91-MAC: Apple software Update Kills Isync Hack!

About the Mac OS X 10.4.7 Update (delta)

Ive just seen an update from apple , I always usualy download these but now that Ive got Isync working on the phone there is a good chance that when i complete this down load its not going to work any more.

Only one way to find out , Ill make the download and then test the phone .

Wish me luck , and ill update this post on my return.


OK Ive done it , eveything looks ok except that the hack that was made a few months ago now no longer works, i was expecting this , so will just have to reinstall it again.

Will let you all know how it goes , but be aware that if you download the current update from apple this will remove the ISYNC hack as you can see from the above pic.



For those of you that went through with the Update here is the Post i made prevous on how to enable the isync hack.





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4 responses to “N91-MAC: Apple software Update Kills Isync Hack!

  1. Anthony Id

    Same here. Too bad, N91 is still not supported by iSync 2.3.

    I know there will be problem.After restart, i dig in iSync and look for the metaclasses and search for N91 key, of course its not there.

    Grab my old modified metaclasses and phone icon and copied it inside isync’s content.

    unpaired my phone. and made a new ‘paring’ and everything is back to normal.

    Im really pissed since i have waited for this update for almost 3 weeks.

    I noticed two 5 plugins inside isync, for Nokia 7370, Nokia 7380, Nokia 9300i, SE W810 and SE Z530.

  2. Raphael

    Ttoo bad they didn’t include the N91… anyway, I just edit my metaclasses.plist, not even bother to unpair the N91 and it works same as before.


  3. macbuckley

    Yeah , Well we just have to wait untill next time .
    I also checked out the bluetooth and it stil works the same as well.

  4. Santiago

    It happened the same with my Sony Ericsson k510a
    and i just can’t get it work again.. ire-installed, re-hacked isync but it still doesn’t work

    somebody help me!

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