Nokia N91: New Firmware info update

n91.10.4.7: It’s V 1.10.030

My Diligent counterpart across the lands and oceans has recently upgraded his Nokia N91 to the most up to  date firmware available at the moment and he has also include his own observations on bug fixes etc…etc..

I suggest you head on over for a read..

Il be doing this myself once i get some time and find the right people to do it for me.


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8 responses to “Nokia N91: New Firmware info update

  1. is this available for download or do you have to go to a service centre?

  2. macbuckley

    I belive that you must go to a service centre for this.

  3. Applelover

    Does anyone know if this firmware date is in Canada? And also, where are the Nokia service centres in Canada?

  4. Raphael

    Hi Macbuckley,

    Did you manage to find a “friendly” Nokia service centre in Dublin? Idealy I’d like to get one that will it while I wait…


  5. macbuckley

    HI Rapheal ,
    No not yet things are very busy for me at the moment so i may not be able to get this done for a few weeks .
    I suggest looking them up on Nokia and giveing them a call , and ask which one does it for free , get a name and call in , let us know your experience here as well ,

  6. Roscoe

    Hello, would any of you know whether or not this firmware update is out in england? And if not does anybody no when? Thank You Roscoe

  7. paul

    Just to say that after at least two months, 3 firmware updates & several days of my life backwards & forwards to NOKIA & 3 different Carphone Warehouses my N91 is working as promised in the advertising !

    It’s been a real nightmare but I think it may be worth it … although FHM said that the N91 is ” only for early adopting geeks ” which made me think …

  8. Anonymous

    this is not gud phn

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