Nokia N91: CP-69 Carry case does NOT fit N91 Phone. UPDATED!

HI All ,

A while back i posted that i was going to get a carry case for the phone.

Based on Nokia’s own site here…..

Here is a File of a Screenshot i

As you will see it certainly makes a note that the Case is compatiable with the Nokia N91.

I can confirm that it is NOT compatiable with the phone.

This is not the only instance.

At Nokia’s site,,83227,00.html?s=N91

Here is a File of a Screenshot I made Cp69

As you can see above it is again listed as being compatiable with the phone.

As im sure you can imagine having purchased and waited for it to arrive and only then to find that it doesnt fit makes my blood boil.

Ive posted in the Discussions board at Nokia here

Ill be waiting and watching for Nokia’s reply , but i wont wait for to long untill i start makeing this known all over the place on other blogs, Notice Boards, Message Boards etc……….

Id be interested if anyone else got caught on this??



Well i recevied an email back from Nokia , however they appear to be simply trained monkeys when you read the copy i have pasted below.


Dear Mr Buckley

Thank you for contacting Nokia Helpline.

With regard to your email enquiry concerning your Nokia N91, the CP-69 carrying case is compatible with this handset, if you visit, from there you will find all the accessories for Nokia handsets.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.

With best regards
UK & Ireland Team
Nokia Helpline


Now , I think you can understand how pissed off that makes me feel when in fact i sent them an email telling them the information on the WEBSITE its self is incorrect!

I belive trained Monkeys could come up with more of an answer.

So ive decide to provide proof of what the issue for yours and Nokia’s attention.

As you can see from the above photos, the phone is to big for the case or the case is too small for the phone.

So Nokia what are you going to do now?



The latest reply from the Nokia Support team.


Thank you for contacting Nokia Helpline.

With regard to your email enquiry concerning your Nokia N91, as far as Nokia is concerned the CP-69 is compatible with this handset, but if you are having problems with your carrying case, please return to the retailer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.

With best regards
UK & Ireland Team
Nokia Helpline

As you can see they havnt even bothered to look in the issue, they just take it for granted that Nokia is right, fools the lot of them


UPDATE: Well Well, it seems the Nokia supported blog, “All About Nokia N91 Blog” has decide to have a go at this little problem, for one thing im not surprised but it is a bit cheap as id be happy with Nokia them selves to respond rather then then have some so called blog have a go!

Why does this piss me off?? Let me explain..

Im sure you will have read their post, and their so called fix, well ladys and Gents their so called fix is a farce!
I Let look at their fix.

They say “ Here’s the fix. Close the popper before inserting the N91, insert the device into the sideways opening, then use the velcro to fasten the case. This way, the N91 slips in with consummate ease.

Id already tired this folks and its the same thing, remember its not the width thats the issue its the size from END to END thats the issue here! And ive no idea where they are getting “Consummate ease” from??? Its still the same thing!

Also, the clip on the back rotates 360 degrees, so why would you for something that can only be used one way , had the case been designed correctly then the phone would slip in to the case no matter what .

SO as stated before , please save your money and DO NOT BUY this case, as im sure you have seen below in the comments others have been stung by this before ,and also remember this ….

“All About N91” is a Nokia ™ sponsored resource!!!  So of course they are going to plug the phone as best they can so if you want real life experience then this blog is the place to be as im certainly not getting paid by Nokia!




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16 responses to “Nokia N91: CP-69 Carry case does NOT fit N91 Phone. UPDATED!

  1. voda1


    I would return the case and tell them you are not happy. My colleague did the same thing with a headset for another Nokia phone (said it was supported by wasnt). It seems the way that Nokia manages their global websites is a but disjointed (ie left hand doesnt talk to right hand)- perhaps you should offer your services on how to run a proper web site!


  2. Akash

    I Had The Exact Same Problem But Luckly I Got It Imported From A Friends Mobile Import Shop And I Tried To Fit The Phone There Wasnt Happy With It So He Sold It On To Another Person So Yeah……Lucky Me


  3. Hi Macbuckley

    Sorry to hear about your trouble. We have passed the issue onto our Nokia tech contact and expect a quick reply. Will let you know as soon as we know anything!

    Best Regards


  4. macbuckley

    Hi ,
    Many Thanks Colin and I look forward to the reply.

  5. voda1


    One question. Is it just a matter of needing to breaki-n the leather case then it would sit lower in the case and you could snap it shut.


  6. macbuckley

    Hi Voda,
    Its a decent question but the answer is no, there is to much of a differance in size for the case to be broken in. In my experiences with leather cases they all fit their perspective phones right out of the box.
    It seems that Nokia has made a mistake in their size’s or they havnt even tried to see if the case really does fit the phone.

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  8. Me2

    Yes, I had same experience. But I threw away the receipt.

  9. Mac,

    Just trying to help and posting our experiences. We do agree with you. It is a tricky fit, especially inserting it through the top and trying to close the popper. The ‘sideways in’ action seemed to work fine for us IF the popper is already closed. As we tried to show in the pics, we can get it in to our case OK this way.

    We’re not there to ‘plug the phone’. We cover good and bad experiences and are there to help web users find user generated content – like yours.


  10. macbuckley

    yeah what ever.

  11. kelly

    doesn’t your N91 come originally with a leather case? Mine did and unfortunately left in a cab and now I’ve been told that it’s not sold separately. I’m not sure if this the case only in Hong Kong. But I am still looking to buy the leather case that came with my phone when I bought it.

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