Nokia N91: ACC files Skip when loading

Greg has just sent me in this email which im sure everyone else has experienced includeing myself


Hey Mac,

I saw that you use AAC files on your phone and don’t seem to have any
trouble. But with my N91 any AAC songs that I put on always seem to
skip in the beginning of the song (when loading). I tried several bit
rates of AAC and MP3 files and the MP3’s worked fine, while all the
AAC songs seem to skip. I reformatted the harddrive a few times and
tried many different CD’s and songs. I used iTunes on my iBook to rip
the CD’s.

I emailed and called Nokia several times about this problem and
overall they told me they don’t support the macintosh or any third-
party programs involved with the AAC files. They told me it was never
tested with a macintosh (even though the Nokia Music Manager program
seems to exist) and although it says 3,000 AAC files fit on the
phone, that was never actually tested either. It was really frustrating.

But I guess my question is: have you  heard of any problems with AAC
files on the N91? And do you know of any other ways to correct the


P.S.  I bought my N91 from and the firmware info is

v 1.10.030
N91 (17.01)


HI Greg , Thanks for the well written email you’d be surprised how many emails i get that are very badly written.

With regards your issue I infact do have the same problem although its not something that bothers me all that much.

For me when a song is loading it will play it for about a sec or two stop for about 2-3 seconds more and then play correctly from then on .

I belive the reason is this.

The Phone may well be loading the song from the Harddrive in to the phones memory, if the phones own memory ( NOT the Harddrive) is full then i belive this will cause the issue.

Its not something that ive done but i belive the best way to sort it is to make sure that the phone memory is not full at the time you are playing your music, try these tips….

  1. Make sure that any Apps that you are not useing are closed.
  2. Clear the cache Memory
  3.  What is the cache memory on my Nokia device for?

    A: A cache is a memory location that is used to store data temporarily. The information or services you have accessed are stored in the cache memory of the device. To empty the cache, select Options > Advanced options > Clear cache.

    I hope this helps.




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3 responses to “Nokia N91: ACC files Skip when loading

  1. Voda1

    Hi Guys. I have only seen this occaisionally on the very first song that starts to play (or if i select a song one by one). If i just let them play in a playlist then when it happens after the first one its okay. I think it has something to do with the CPU being loaded as well so make sure all appps are closed like you said.


  2. Peter

    I had noticed this skipping problem with aac files as well. My files are all encoded in iTunes, at 320kbps using aac encoder. When I looked at the way that the files are organised on the N91 in the /mymusic directory (by artist, by album form memory) I decided to remove the directories and just have the files sitting in the /mymusic directory. I have noticed since I did that, I have no skip on the playing of files. It may be a coincidence …

    Thanks for a helpful blog by the way. Appreciate that you are passionate enough to do something like this. Helps us all out.

  3. Peter

    By the way my firmware is

    N91 (38.01)

    Not sure if it is posted somewhere here, firmware details will show when you enter *#0000#

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