Nokia N91: Which Carry Case do you use?

HI ,

With thiswhole mess of the Nokia N91 case not fitting the phone im still left with no case to put my treasure in to and click on to my belt.

So im here asking for your feedback….

If you use a case, which one is it??
Does it fit well on your phone and where did you get it from??

Looking forward to hearing the replies.




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5 responses to “Nokia N91: Which Carry Case do you use?

  1. Anthony Id

    i only use the beige case that came with my ipod video, it fits well.

  2. John

    I was in canada on holiday three weeks ago and bought a great one from the company roots. I cut the tag that might have had the model number but check out the web. Note the clasp is a magnet so put the n91 in with the lcd side on the clasp side so the hdd doesnt think the battery cover is off. Good luck.

  3. Jose

    I bought an N91 case from PDAIR and it was shipped from HK to UK in 3 days, it was packaged really well and that quality is briliant. The white stitching is a really nice touch.

  4. linda

    i bought n91 from HK,there chipper from other place o think…but i not sure wether can used at other country or not…n91 is huge but nice.enjoy the music….NIce…

  5. paul

    Hi Mac,
    I’ve got this & love it … the clip is totally secure & it fits like a glove, I love it

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