Nokia N91: How to perform a soft reset.

Hi Ive noticed this being asked on the web alot so thought id post it here for all to use.

How to reset to my original settings on the Nokia N91 without deleting my files.


You can reset some of the settings to their original values by pressing the Menu key, and selecting Tools > Settings > Device settings > General > Orig. phone settings. To do this, you need the lock code. After resetting, the device may take a longer time to power on. Documents and files are not affected.



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20 responses to “Nokia N91: How to perform a soft reset.

  1. GT

    how about *#7370#?

  2. Voda1

    Ther eis a new SW release now 2.00. Fixes even more bugs AND had Windows DRM!!


  3. Dr.Ken

    the Hard reset won’t help! still death

  4. Dips

    Nokia will replace it if it’s still in warranty.

  5. Steve

    Well i am trying to do a soft reset on my N91 …but since i bought the phone form a friend i DONT have the CODE for it …so now how can i get a CODE and get a reset ….

    The reason i am trying to do a reset is that i cannot Read My messeges …..

    HELP …. 😦

  6. ShayaN

    the default code is 123456, if it isn’t right, ask that friend.

  7. drantispy

    it worked for me

  8. tom

    whats the lock code???? anyone have a code for it?

  9. Oyelayo John Oyesola

    What is the Hard and Soft reset for all nokia phone.

  10. Oyelayo John Oyesola

    can anyone tell me the unlock codes for Nokia N91

  11. zain

    i forget my lock code what am i doing ? because i want to resert my phone system and phone required lock code but ? , i dile 12345 but it shows wrong code . help plz

  12. Help


    i got a lock code at my n91 phone, but my codes is not working? what software can i use is this?

  13. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  14. keikei

    my n91 currently get stolen and i get it back…but they need lock code i had try 12345 and 0000 and 54321 but i still cant unlock it…

  15. HASUCU

    Hola, cambie el codigo de bloqueo de encendido de mi N91 y ahora no lo recuerdo y tampoco tengo el IMEI, hay algun codigo maestro?

    gracias, espero una pronta respuesta!

  16. JWALa

    i innocent my security code,
    how i unlock
    plz help me anyone

  17. JWALa

    how to unlock my code

  18. Shamsucoorg

    How to bloked sucurity code riset

  19. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! dshnm and 6703puvrcbfphd and 7191 : I will try to recommend this post to my friends and family, cuz its really helpful.

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