Nokia N91: A carry case that fits!


As some of you will already be aware i had a major issue with Nokia’s CP-69 Carry case for the N91 phone, simpy that it didnt fit it.

Iwasnt alone in this , others had reported the same thing so it was confirmed .
People trusted the Nokia Website as gospel , and why shouldnt they , sure the Company that produces the Nokia N91 should know how to design the perfect carry case for it!

But alas we were all mistaken, and bitten badly thanks to Nokia’s mess of carry case .

How could they get it so worng?? Well i put it simply down to lack of consideration for its customers, certainly it can be seen with the phone its self with many reporting frequent crashes on the first batch that was released on the public at large.

Even the useless blog ” Word on the Blog N91″ tried to defend such a carry case by makeing a post giveing a “fix” that with a little effort the N91 would fit in to the case although a bit tight fitting. Gimme a break will ya! The blog is sponsored by Nokia so im not to surprised by their post to try and bring back some cred to the company that produced such a god awfull case. As my old business teacher told me once, if you want to know who owns who then follow the money trial. In this case Nokia owns the blog and so they say what they are told to say.

Anyway , im glad to say that ive now received a new case , not from Nokia but from a great link post on this very Blog by you the readers ( who arent owned by Nokia ;-))

The link is below…

I have to say many thanks to Paul for the suggestion and it is a perfect fit ( far better then the Nokia CP-69).

The Leather is excellent quality and the rotateing clip is very handy indeed.

So if you guys are looking for a Case id recommend this one.



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One response to “Nokia N91: A carry case that fits!

  1. i have also experience the same thing that you had but the good news was after reading your comments on the carrycase of Nokia N91 you recomended the better case so i bought one and your’re it was much better than the nokia model case…

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