Nokia N91: New Firmware Update 2.00.052

Hi ,

Ive just been informed that there has been a recent update to the Firmware for the Nokia N91.

So far reports are that the only real addtions to the phone are…

Windows DRM version 10,

Better energy management

Id like to get more reports and also need to do the update my self when i get the time.

So if you notice some new bug fixes , improvements let me know here and ill post them for all to see.

Oh and one more thing , I keep seeing the emails and posts from people asking if its possible to download the firmware from the Internet, or have it sent to them.

The Simple answer is NO you MUST go to a Nokia Store or reseller and ask for the update , also it shud not cost you anything at all.

IM hope to get my update soon just need to arrange it with my local Nokia Store, i expect ill have it done by Thursday next week.




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30 responses to “Nokia N91: New Firmware Update 2.00.052

  1. Anthony Id

    too bad, i am not using N91 anymore. but most probably this new firmware will also include the Over The Air (OTA) software update.

    As reported by, the new firware of N80 has this feature already.

  2. Anthony Id

    its here, nokia launched software update site:,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

  3. macbuckley

    Thanks Anthony, Now all we need is over the air update for the Nokia N91.

  4. Jia

    All About Nokia N91 ( seems to think that you can update your N91 firmware without going to a service centre:

    “You will soon be able to update your N91 firmware via your PC or through a mobile Internet connection. This is great news for Nseries users who want a quick and easy method for solving some of the niggles present on older firmware versions. September 1st is the date to keep in mind…”

  5. Greg

    Does anyone know where to have an update done in the US? I don’t know of any nokia stores or service centers

  6. Death

    Greg, use the online updater, i am in US too

  7. Cronus71

    I’m located in Finland and used this to update my N91,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

    I noticed that it stopped playing videos in fullscreen after the update, or maybe there’s something I’m doing wrong?

  8. @Cronus71

    I got RealPlayer video working just fine and streaming UMTS video news from YLE. Fullscreen seems to default to landscape mode which I haven’t seen before. (I kinda like the landscape fullscreen more 🙂 )

    It is local files you are having problems playing in fullscreen or streaming videos?

  9. Cronus71

    Filip, yep, it’s my local files. I had them on full screen before. Hold it, did they do something to the resolution? as at 352×288 I don’t get full screen playback, but with 176×144 I do? (well nearly, still a narrow black bars around the edges) odd…? How do I set it up, to test the streaming news from YLE? Tack Filip.

  10. Cronus71

    Got it, all I had to do was to go to the YLE page 🙂

  11. Hmmm… I don’t know what they’ve changed with the full screen feature in Real Player but it might be worth having an look at… 😕 The Nokia N Series ad included is more playable though and I got it playing in full screen just nicely.

    I just noticed that the DRM’d videos I had on my N91 have lost their keys and reactivating them via WAP gives me the message “Uknown host” ? Anyone know how to reactivate them? 🙂

    Btw, I noticed that the latest firmware version available from Nokia has fixed the irritating staggering-start-of-playing-AAC problem.

  12. Cronus71

    Filip, the same happened to me with the preinstalled vids, I just deleted them as it failed to download the keys for them. No biggie really, I just hope this version fixed the fact that occassionally my N91 just froze, I had to reboot it and then it had lost all the tracks from the music player. A refresh fixed it, still annoying though.

  13. Rajeev

    Hi there !
    Now N91 is on the NSU list at last,
    but my latest NSU says that my
    firmware v 1.10.030
    RM-43 N91


    is the latest and there are no updates available ,and only gives the option of re-installing it.

    also if i re-install or update to a latest version (if it becomes available ),
    will i lose all the keys ,that allowed me to play the 100 songs pre-installed in N91.
    or i’ll have to get those again by SMS or gprs.

    and will i lose my wifi service, and if i restore my upgraded N91 with a backup file, will it have all the things like contacts, calender, notes etc…

  14. memetrix

    l m located in turkey and but ther is no firmware update for my n91! and l have only mac!

    how can l update my phone on my mac?

  15. Babak

    wfully, I can’t update my N91(RM-43) software via nokia website.
    So, If you had a similar problem and it have been solved now help me through this case

  16. Babak

    Awfully, I can’t update my N91(RM-43) software via nokia website.
    So, If you had a similar problem and it have been solved now help me through this case

  17. Yunesh

    I cannot install any java applications on my N91. There seems to be some problem with my J2ME. can any one suggest how I can get rid of that problem or can anyone tell me how I can get a J2ME package which I can install on my N91??

  18. Mobz

    Hey i just received my n91 back from nokia, and my firmware is now ‘V 2.10.013’.

    Does anyone know if this is the latest?

  19. n91

    The best thing for you is to download application off website at nokia, it takes u through all the step and if needed it updates to the newest firmware

  20. Pix

    Do you connect using a mini-usb to the PC usb? The software updater says it can’t find my phone when I do this. I couldn’t find the cable that came with the phone (if it came with one). Thanks

  21. rajesh

    i have allready this Nokia N91: New Firmware Update 2.00.052
    i want new update software for nokai n91 2.20. where i got where i downloud pls tell me website pls

  22. Anonymous

    my computer does not have enough memory to run the nokia software updater program so i acn install applications or update my firmware!!! can some1 please give me a soulition without going to tne nokia service centre

  23. Anonymous


  24. AMIR


  25. Anonymous

    If u want to update ur n91 then download nokia software updater any ver then using ur pc sute back up your files the latest update is 2.20.008

  26. Why phones needs to dowmload updates via computer? Take action to direct download updates,upgrades to the phone. It may increase nokias popularity. Thanks.

  27. assalamu alaikum. dear sir, can’t you make it download direct to phone via internet? if you could, just do! allah hafez. thankyou.

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