Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update over the air, Maybe.


So it seems that Nokia is takeing a step in the right direction at least in regards firmware updates.,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

As you will although the N91 is not yet listed it has been speculated that it maybe added around the 1st Sep but nothing from Nokia confimrs this yet.

This is great news for those that are unable to go to a Nokia reseller and get a much needed update to their phone but it also has draw backs belive it or not.

If you consider the 2 options that are being offered above , “Update over the air” and “Update via Pc USB cable” there are certain things that need to be considered.

“Update over the air” or “FOTA”
Depending on the size of the firmware update this could be expensive if it is useing GPRS connection, so depending on your operator this could be expensive.

“Update via PC usb”
Ok i belive this to be better as their is no cost impiled to the user, only that they download to their pc ( What about the Apple mac??)

And my own idea being what about users useing the built in WIFI to navigate to the nokia site and download via WIFI connection thru the internet.
I think that would be much better in the long run.

Anyway , lets see what happens in the next week or so!




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4 responses to “Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update over the air, Maybe.

  1. Anthony Id

    i was able to update my N70 using XP thru Apple’s Boot Camp.

    The process is easy but downloading the software update tends to slow towards the end (im on 2Mbps DSL connection)

  2. N91 Guru

    I THink your forgetting about the nokia sponsored site… they have announced it so it has to be official other wise what a waste of phone those people are….


  3. JOEL


    just to let you know that since i upgraded my N91 with the latest firmware from nokia website, everything was uprgaded ok, but when cellular restart after upgrade i only foun 4gb instaed of 20gb before the flash.

    i have to say that i upgraded to the latest firmware v2.20.013

  4. john

    i’ll like to know and have the site address where i can upgrade my phone or maybe nokia shorp in nigeria can get it done

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