Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update for N91 on Nokia site Update

Hi Guys,

As of today 1st September 06 at 9:00am GMT there is still no sign of the Nokia N91 being listed .

I of course refer to this site,,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate


As soon as it does , provide that it is today or this weekend ill do the update myself and see how it goes , and of course provide a full feedback on this post , so be sure to bookmark it.


UPDATE: 3 September, 22:50pm

Well after checking again on the site there is still no mention of the proported N91 Firmware update , which was vaunted for release on the 1st Sep.

This of course goes to show that you shouldnt take for granted what a Major company like Nokia or for that matter the Nokia Funded Blog which made this post on the 22 Aug says on when it will release this option.

Im sure that it is coming soon , but the real question is when?


UPDATE:4th Sep 07:00am
It seems that the update is there but there is a bit of a process for getting to the update firmware, please read teh below comments for more information, i my self are going to try it today.




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30 responses to “Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update for N91 on Nokia site Update

  1. Tian Scholtz

    Althought the site says nothing about support for the N91, I’ve downloaded the update software. On Saturday it said no new updates were available, but now, when I tried it five minutes ago, there was an update. I haven’t had a chance to back everything up yet so I haven’t done the update yet, and I’d rather not be the first one to try it :P.

    Anyways, just though I’d let you know.

  2. macbuckley

    HI Tian,
    Thats an interesting comment to make , but i dont see it listed so can you please explain how you got this information?
    Are you talking about the Nokia N91??
    It is NOT listed at present so id be interested at the process you use?

  3. Tian Scholtz

    Well, it doesn’t matter which phone you chose on that list, in the end it’s the same installation file that you download. The actual firmware update files are only downloaded when you go into the app and say update (or that’s what I’ve understood from people that’ve updated their N70s) So I’ve downloaded the Nokia Software Updater, installed it, connected my phone and launched the app. On Saturday it told me that no updates where available, but now there are.

    Here’s a screenshot of the Update software saying there is an update available:

    BTW, at the moment I have firmware V 1.10.030

  4. NPP

    Yeah Tian your right, i downloaded the application when it came out and i have been checking on the site and the app, i woke up on today (monday, I live in Australia) and it was there in the app, so i am installing it now. Finally i can use my own themes

  5. Death

    Yeah, i just updated mine from 1.0 to 2.0. 11:42PM Central Time. It worked like a charm. If your phone stays off for most of the process, DONT PANIC. lol

  6. nm

    So doe this mean, we can go to the software update site download the updater and then have it check for the latest firmware for the n91? I am on firmware –

  7. macbuckley

    This is very interesting indeed. They dont list it but yet you can still get the updates.
    The Next Question is has anyone had any Issues??

  8. Death

    Yes nm, That is correct. I think i know what is happening. They haven’t added the N91 to the “SWF” file which a simple user needs to know if their phone can be updated. BUT the PC Upgradeable version is on the SERVER that all the existing phone’s firmwares are on. Since the Program auto-connects to the sever and checks for the update, it still finds it weather its listed on the’s swf file. So Thus, you can download it and install it. Its a fairly easy procedure.

    1. Go to,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate
    2. Click on any PC updateable phone, I chose N70
    3. Keep clicking NEXT until you are told to download the PC Nokia Firmware Update program
    4. Download and install the program
    5. Open it and connect your power cable and USB to the phone. Put it on PC Suite
    6. Click Next and agree to the terms which are that all phone settings ect. will be erased. Everything thats on the Hard Drive will stay.
    7. Click next and it will download the firmware package. It might take a while. I have 1.5 MB connection and it took about 10 mins to download
    8. It will automatically Start installing the firmware. IT IS TOO LATE TO DO ANYTHING AT THIS POINT. do NOT disconnect to anything of that sort.
    9. Watch your phone go on and off. Dont panic, it will come back on. It will say “Nokia N91 Test mode” and then you’re done. The phone will turn off.
    10. Turn it on and re-do your settings and enjoy your new awsome phone, Lets see if it truly rocks as claimed eh?

  9. Death

    Also forgot to mention, I have had no issues during or after the process. It also upgrades from any firmware to the latest.

    Now that i think about it, i did have 2 issues that i tought were very weird.

    1. My phone kept saying ‘SIM cant be registered” I restarted the phone and it started working again.

    2. After the first restart after teh installation, my phone treid to install my softwares back on and then said “Installation failed. Could not retrive software from hard drive” or something of that sort.

    Either way, those 2 issues are not messing anything up. I have had it upgraded for 2 hours now, nothing bad pop up yet.

  10. nm

    death , which version of the firmware did you upgrade from? any reason why you didn’t have nokia upgrade it (not that answering this particlar question matters). Anyway ive downloaded the updater for both n70 and n72 – when i say updater i am talking about the software that you need to initially install on your pc. They both appear to be the same. I’m just curious that when you plug your phone in – does the software actually know you have an n91 and download the firmware for tht. Which version do you know how have? – ok i just checked you said 2.0 Have you checked the noia site to see whether this is a latest for the n91? I remember seeing a list somehwere that lists the versions – ill crosscheck it on that.

  11. nm

    alright i had a look at the source of the software update site and saw that it had links for the following:
    n91,n93 . I have just gone bck to the site now and the updates are listed

  12. Death

    Yes, i just now see that the N91 is amoungst the list. Awsome day today isnt it? I’ve been waiting for months. The reason i didnt have Nokia do it is because i live in US, no Nokia stores around here lol. And i upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0. Yeah you need to OPEN that program after teh installation and follow the steps, it will tell you to plug your phone in!

  13. nm

    in the process of upgrading – using a modem – so think ill be here for a while. I am at the downloading updates step (3 of 3). Are you saying after this i will have to open another program – or does the ‘open program’ refer to the nokia software updater – which you initially download – 16mb or so? I ask this casue at this step it says not to fiddle with the cable and blah blah or you phone shall die (not in so many words). nevertheless that bothers me – as there are no nokia centres here either.

  14. nm

    Oh with respect to issues – i faced a few prior to getting to the updates (still in the process). I already have the nokia suite installed – the one that came with the phone – v6.3. anyway when i ran the updater program it said i needed the cable drivers – which was odd since they are installed during the v6.3 pc suite installation. anyway i did that – and my phone was no longer recognized by my pc. which was a problem since the updater program could not detect the phone either. now i made a mistake in fixing this problem – dont know if this was the possible reason for the fix – but i read that some bluetooth software could conflict with the drivers. i made the mistake and removed my bluetooth drivers. and then reinstalled the cable drivers and this time when it asked me for a driver location i selected – install myself – and selected wireless communication and did that a few times. anyway it seems to work now (updater is um updating), my point is if you face a similar problem you may want to check that out before removing any bluetooth stuff – dammit.

  15. Death

    I dont know why you ran into the cable issue hehe. I would know if i was actually there and saw what actually happened. But in the end, did you get it done? when it son step 3 of 3, it will download the firmware pack and automatically start installing, no need to open anything.

  16. nm

    I had to restart the process from work – my crappy modem connection died on me. that was of course during the downloading updates process – so i guess no real harm done. will know if a while now as ive gone past that step and now updating.

  17. NPP

    Imagine what would happen if there was a power failure in your area when you were updating your firmware, ohh that would be bad 😦 What would Nokia do if that ever happens.

  18. NPP

    Imagine what would happen if there was a power failure in your area when you were updating your firmware, ohh that would be bad 😦 What would Nokia do if that ever happens?

  19. NPP

    Thank you, Tank you I try my best 😉

  20. NPP

    oh not again, i wish i could edit the posts 😦 I am in a rush so i miss spelt Thanks

  21. nm

    yup im finally done with mine – at version 2 now. I didnt have any of the issues that death mentioned – and no problems so far.
    on the plus side it does appear that the battery life has been improved – not sure yet – just an initial thought.

  22. Paper weight

    So I tried the update, it downloaded everything, started to update the phone, then it disconnected on its own…now I have a very expensive paper weight. Anybody have any ideas before I run this thing over with my car and never buy a Nokia again???

  23. IanD

    Cannot get mine to update. It finds the phone allright but just says there are no updates. I’m on
    in the UK.

  24. IanD

    Hi again,
    I am pretty sure that the problem I’m having is that it is a netowrk-operator-branded phone (Vodafone) and therefore it’s up to Voda, not Nokia, how quickly they release the updates – which obviously isn’t very quickly.

  25. Hey Paper Weight,
    Before running over with your car, try to plug battery off and on. I’ve heard about illogical connection errors at the end of the update, where battery plugging helps.

  26. roswell

    guys a wared problem has occured, i m using N91 and since last 2 months it used to work fine with my PC suite on my PC. but since last two days PC shows msg that “usb device not recognised” i tried eveything from hard formatting the phone, reinstalling the driver , upgrading nokia PC suite, uninstalling USB controlller from Device Manager in PC, but nothing seems to be working.

    any clues? do mail me .

    thanks and regards,

  27. I have a problem in my Nokia N91 8 GB handset. I just installed the latest software update by using the nokia software updater. to version no. 3.10.023,,, but now i am unable to install any symbian or jave games available on the net… found on mobile9. The phone starts installing the game.. but then displays the following error message “unable to install”. please tell me some solution… for fixing this thing

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  29. Mr.Banana

    harlo~i using nokia n91 4gb..n it

    i wonder if you u know how to download the firmware update…n how to do it…
    tell me the procedure also k…thanx!
    reply me asap..

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