Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update for N91 How to


Jason ( AKA Death) sent me an email asking if I could post up the steps involved in performing the update to the Nokia N91.

So Jason i have simply reposted your comment.

As im sure Jason will agree , dont do this untill you backup your contacts and data on your phone FIRST!

1. Go to,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

2. Click on any PC updateable phone, I chose N70
3. Keep clicking NEXT until you are told to download the PC Nokia Firmware Update program
4. Download and install the program
5. Open it and connect your power cable and USB to the phone. Put it on PC Suite
6. Click Next and agree to the terms which are that all phone settings ect. will be erased. Everything thats on the Hard Drive will stay.
7. Click next and it will download the firmware package. It might take a while. I have 1.5 MB connection and it took about 10 mins to download
8. It will automatically Start installing the firmware. IT IS TOO LATE TO DO ANYTHING AT THIS POINT. do NOT disconnect to anything of that sort.
9. Watch your phone go on and off. Dont panic, it will come back on. It will say “Nokia N91 Test mode” and then you’re done. The phone will turn off.
10. Turn it on and re-do your settings and enjoy your new awsome phone, Lets see if it truly rocks as claimed eh?

Thanks Jason,




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38 responses to “Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update for N91 How to

  1. nm

    hmmm, i suppose your firmware doesnt need to be at a minimum version prior to this does it? sure it defeats the purpose. but my n91 frimware is the first one that was released when the phones were in production.

  2. Tian Scholtz

    I did the firmware update, and everything seems to be working. Just seems like they’ve removed the Landmarks and Location Apps, which if I remember correctly were in the Tools folder. I never used them so it doesn’t really matter. But there’s also one Item missing from the My Own folder, and I just cant firgure out what it is.

    Does anyone here maybe know?

  3. Tian Scholtz

    Nevermind, was just my operator menu that for some reason didn’t show up the first time the phone started up after the update.

  4. Dips

    Was looking forward to doing this update but it won’t let me install the Software Updater as my PC doesn’t have 256mb RAM. Oh well, will just have to wait and use someone else’s PC.

  5. Death

    It does not matter what version you had. What you download is the full pack. I also had the first one that the phones came out with. Mac have you updated your yet?

  6. macbuckley

    Hi ,
    No not yet , im in work so will need to first backup my contacts etc….et.c…… and then ill bring my charger in and do the update tommorw.
    I will give a comment here on how it goes.
    Would i be right in saying that so far there have been no real reported issues??

  7. Death

    You would be correct. I’ve had me, few friends here, AND online friends that have updated it and there have been no issues. Only the 2 wierd things that i posted last night on the other post. Also, did you know that the N91 has been added to the list now? I didnt realize that untill i went to the site on my phone. LOL!

  8. Death

    1. My phone kept saying ‘SIM cant be registered” I restarted the phone and it started working again.

    2. After the first restart after the installation, my phone tried to install my softwares back on and then said “Installation failed. Could not retrieve software from hard drive” or something of that sort.

    Only things that i have encountered so far. But it as been about 8 hours now and those 2 things have not came up again and the phone is working beautifully.

  9. Dips

    Backing up contacts – am I right in thinking I will be ok if I move them to the sim card?

  10. xxlbug

    just for your international readers, the update is multilingual. All things are good now, especially the themes ^^

    one more thing, the updater bring really ALL needed software to you, drivers, updater, new firmware and probably more

    plz be not too cruel with me because of my bad english ^^

  11. Death

    lol xxlbug, i agree. Dips, yes you will be okay if you put htem into the SIM. Thats what i did, deleted everything off the SIM, copied contacts to SIM. When updates were done, I copied all contacts from SIM to phone.

  12. Voda1


    I did it and it worked great. It has Windows DRM now!) (no Itunes 😦 ) Here is a quick guide on the step I followed

    1) Make sure you have the latest PC suite (6.81)from :, or other local regional sites.

    2) Install the Nokia software update application sw from (note you need 256MBytes of RAM on your PC)

    3) Then program your phone

    a) Backup your phone memory (ROM) using PC suite (to preserve your DRM activation keys etc).

    b) Copy your files (Music, Videos, Documents, Images etc) from the device HDD to your PC (recommended to use USB Mass storage).

    c) Copy your applications, themes etc (original SISX, Java etc files before you installed them) from your HDD to your PC (Do not simply copy the installed directories/files over)

    d) FORMAT your HDD

    e) Proceed with SW update (note you need to be attached to a charger and not in offline mode. Do not answer or make call or disconnect the device during this process)

    f) Reset your phone memory by typing *#7370# (code 12345) (recommend this just to be safe)

    g) Restore your phone memory using PC suite

    h) Copy back your HDD contents from your PC to your clean HDD

    h) Re-install your applications/themes

  13. Tian Scholtz

    Or you could use the backup utility of the Nokia PC Suite. After I updated I just restored the backup and all my apps that were on my phone mem, contacts, messages, and settings were back on my phone. Haven’t had any problems so far at all.

  14. Anonymous

    hi i didnt think you needed to backup the hard. is it not the case thet only the phone memory gets deleted and not the hard drive

  15. Prateek

    Hi Voda,

    Was reading your previous comment on sending the messages and the delay.. yeah me too facing the same. I tried the *#7330# but it doesnt work on my N91…

    Pls help..

  16. Prateek

    Hi Mac,

    Can I also do the update as you have mentioned above, I am in India.. pls let e know… I am getting a bit edgy with the N91 now and the guys here in India will keep it for two or three days.. pls let me know if I can simply follow the steps above to updat ethe firmware on my N91… ânything else i need to know befor doing that??

    Look forward to ur reply.. maybe if possibel email it to me on

    Thanks a lot mate… really if it works, i will be forever grateful 😀

  17. Prateek

    HEY GUYS… IT WORKED… now the firmware is updated to 1.10.030, 5-5-06 RM43.. is that about right ???

    Hope the problem of the delay in sending the messages and the phone memory filling up for no reason is gone 😀

    Cheers this is great.. cant thank you guys enough, was on the edge of buying a new phone :D:D:D:D am happy happy as u can see

  18. vickram

    hi, ive updated mine to v2.00.052 , 09-08-06,RM-43,N91(58.01) , had a bit of problem installing the updater application on my laptop initially ( after installing the application when i launch the application all i got was the screen of nokia application installer with a msg starting application , it didnt go further thn tht ) thn ive tried it on my desktop n it worked perfectly there (mind u , my desktop is of much lower configuration thn my laptop ) , took roughly abt 10 mins to finish everything , i didnt do the harddisk reformat though , ive just updated the firmware , working fine so far without any problems , didnt get a chance to tweak too much though , will keep u guys updated if i encounter any problems later on… thnx for reading my post ..

  19. elDanno

    I´m trying to update my phone but as soon as i start the update the phone disconnects and the updater says: Could not find phone. Anyone else have this problem?

  20. Prateek

    Hey Vickram,

    Which country and what operator are you using as in India it is still the 1.10.030 version.
    elDanno yes i faced the problem… what you need to do is, before doing anything, connect your phone to the computer and when prompted select PC Suite, after that start the updater… u will notice it says “Phone disconnected” – this is normal…

    Make sure you back up your phone mem.. HD is not affected..

  21. Maick

    Am I the only one who is wondering how to do this firmware upgrade without having access to a PC? I ‘converted’ all my friends to a Mac and have no friends left who use a PC except some relatives that I haven’t seen in months. Do I really need a PC (or at lease windows installation) to do a fireware upgrade for the N91? Are there emulators that can do it too?

  22. Prateek

    Hi Marick,

    Unfortunately u do need a windows platform for the upgrade

  23. Prateek

    Anyone from Italy who managed the upgrade to

    Pls help

  24. Anonymous

    I have the same problem as ElDanno (see above): As soon as i start the update the updater says: “Could not find phone.” All settings are correct, an I have powered down all other Nokia applications – Anyone has any idea what to do?
    Thanks & greetz

  25. DocMarten

    ok, what i have read in other forums is true. it only worked in my case from a computer *without* any other nokia software (pc suite etc.) installed on it.

  26. IanD

    I have tried to update my N91 firmware without success. I downloaded the Nokia software updater, finally got it to recognize the phone, it checked for available updates, then said there were no updates available. The firmware I have is
    in UK.
    any ideas how i can upgrade to V2.x? thanks

  27. Panjef

    I just want to know if this will work in any kind of n91? because i didnt saw any software update in (philippines)..

  28. Arun


    I got a Nokia 6230 phone and the sw version is 4.28. The problem I observed is that, some times when I am sending MMS, the message stores in the outbox and not going automatically. I need to restart the phone to get the MMS sent from the phone.
    Is this any firmware issue ? Any way to fix this ?

    Thanks in advance.


  29. Chetan Pram. ani

    Hey guys,

    My laptop has 240 MB of ram. This is what is displays. Can any 1 tell me how to fool this nokia software so that I can install it. Every time it says minimum 256 mb is reqd. Please let me know.

  30. gigs

    after the “download complete” I receive “internal module failure” message so i cannot update by N91 firmware. What do i do? Heeeeelp!

  31. bettny

    im havin the same prob as chetan pram ive got 246RAM has any1 worked out a trick to get the stuff downloaded cuz im still on the v1 that comes with the fone, i still love it though its my very heavy chunky baby! lol

  32. NewBy

    I have the same problem ElDanno and Anonymous
    I connect my phone and when i start the updater at step 2 the phone disconnect. and it says:
    “Could not find phone.”

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. jaypee

    hi! is there a possiblity that you can upgrade your 4gig memory to an 8 gig memory? and do you have pictures on how to dismantle n91 and how to upgrade the hard drive? thank you very much

  34. Isaac KIng


  35. Shevi

    Does anybody here know the reason as to why my phone doesn’t start after i updated the software ?? the light comes on with the nokia logo & the screen goes blank after about 5 odd minutes 😦


  36. Shri

    Pls send me d upgrade details my n91 ph.

  37. joachim doe

    my nokia n91 is not working something goes off by itself and somethings when playing music,it doesn’t play normally.why is this happening?

  38. It’s hard to come by experienced people about this topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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