Nokia N91: What Firmware only have you?

Its been a busy week with everyone busy updateing the firmware of their Nokia N91 so i think it will be interesting to get some perspective on it now.

To Find out what Firmware you have type *#0000#
Id like to ask that for all those who have updated their phone can you please post your Firmware version only with your country.

Anything else and ill delete it , I just want to see if their is any dif between the Firmware depending on where or your phone.

Illl start of with mine being,

Phone Info

V 2.00.052



N91 (58.01)




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83 responses to “Nokia N91: What Firmware only have you?

  1. Partybiber

    I have version 1.10.030 – i have an O2 branded phone so it looks like only non-branded or other branded phones are being updated to version 2 firmware.

    To be honest i’m not too bothered, i just needed a decent firmware, as I have the grim original firmare which was full of bugs, no themes worked…etc

    Happy days…!

  2. NPP

    V 2.00.052

    25-07-06 (weird, the date is different to Macuckley’s. Maybe its coz i live in Australia)


    N91 (14.01)


  3. I have the same as NPP (fone is from India)

  4. xxlbug

    V 2.00.052

    25-07-06 @npp same weird thing for me, i live in germany


    N91 (02.01)

  5. Wadi



    from brunei

  6. Death

    V 2.00.052



    N91 (14.01)

    hm…the “date’ and hte N91 (xx) seem to be different from everywhere.

    I am in USA but hte phones from Asia/UK i dont know, i bought it from a reseller here in US

  7. Tian Scholtz

    V 2.00.052



    N91 (73.01)

    From South Africa

  8. V 2.00.052
    N91 (03.01)

  9. V 2.00.052
    N91 (03.01)

    Made and bought in Finland

  10. Bouncing Ball

    V 2.00.052
    N91 (02.01)

    So what is the (xx.01) actually?

  11. N91 Guru


    New Zealand…

  12. partybiber

    can anyone comment on any of the advantages v2 firmware has over the older 1.10.30 firmware?

    I have seen very little comment on the improvements.


  13. sayian

    N92 (58.01)


  14. N91 Guru

    yo partybiber… DO NOT UPDATE if u dont have to 1.10 is alot more stabeler….


  15. Voda1



    To partbiber – V2 seems more stable to me, it has Windows DRM, etc go fo it!

  16. V 2.00.052



    N91 (58.01)

    — and oh wow, V2 is soooooo much more stable than the original v1 i had, love this phone so much as well 🙂 only thing is, i lost all the live8 stuff on update when i formatted the hdd, my fault i know!!

  17. Dylan

    V 1.10.030
    N91 (50.01)

    – UK, O2. At the time of writing (12 September 2006), this is the latest update available via the self-updater software from Nokia. I just got off the telephone to somebody at 02 technical support and they say they have no indication yet when(if?) 02 will release an 02 branded 2.0 firmware. So thats not very promising news. He said the best thing to do is to try the software updater every week or so, but do not hold your breath in anticipation. Of course if you have an 02 N91 and would like the new firmware, I’d advise getting hold of 02 and letting them know as well – the more pressure they have to release it the more likely they will.

  18. Dips

    Why Dylan? What are the major differences if any in the two firmwares?

  19. Dips

    Or actually you could just go to a service centre and get it done there?

  20. partybiber

    to Dips – no i don’t think a service centre would do it. Apparently, using Nokia Software Updater app is the same as going to a software centre – if Nokia do not have authorisation to update a certain branded phone to a specific firmware they will not release the update online or via a service centre (much to my sadness).

    As stated in an earlier post, I have firmware 1.10.030 and I am still having some problems with random crashing and loss of connectivity to Wireless access points (Wireless was quite stable on the earlier 1.00.xx version of software strangely enough)

    As Dylan stated, it seems that O2 aren’t in a rush to authorise the v2 firmware and the only way it seems we will be able to remedy this is to contact O2 and push them.

    But hey, who are we? We are only the consumers….:)


  21. V 1.10.030
    N91 (36.01)
    RDW Spain

    I downloaded Firmware Updater from Nokia site but when connecting the N91, apparently there is no software update available yet in Spain 😦

    I had similar problems mentioned here before related to not being able to acces my harddrive using some applications like Gallery (images & videos) and using 3rd party apps like Shozu, sometimes I get msg: “hard drive used by another application”.

    Anyone has some tips?

    BTW: I’m connecting to a Mac -> mass storage for music & isync over bluetooth for contact & calendar updates. I use PCSuite on PC for software install….


  22. Dips

    I’m on o2 too. I haven’t encountered the problems you have with wireless but I’ve had it crashing on me when I’m going to access my music. Haven’t had chance to update yet tho.

  23. partybiber

    i’ve also had differences in performance depending on the type of theme i have active at that time.

    It actually makes a bit of sense that performance would degrade if you were using a memory intensive Theme (themes by ‘alfa’ i find are ver memory intensive – even though they are excellent)

    i’m not even sure v2 firmware will resolve this and there seems to be little information documented on the improvements between v1 and v2 so we might be wasting our time waiting for the answer to our prayers when it could be indivudual applications/themes and/or running processes that are causing these problems.

  24. Sergio

    Well i must say tanks to this nice Treadth and very interesting !!
    Well my phone is from Italy ! here you can either buy the version with nokia software (i beelive the original ) or the Tim (Telecom ) software !
    My version stinks !!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Becouse you have some discount is cheeper to buy with Tim Italia ! rather then then the original 600 euro around !
    But is full of bug !! i have it from 4 dayes ! and it stops several time !! the only way i can get unlock it , is by removing the battery !! (that i beelive is very bad )
    i try to cannect me to Nokia uppdater netpage but my phone does not want uppdate ! and that’s for sure is becouse the software version i have !!!!

    As i can read here, people has the 2.00 version !!

    My question is simple is any chance to remove my software and use the original from Nokia !!!! and how???

    I’m little afraid ! about the thougth to disconnect the battery evrytime it locks !!!! (it has happen once evry day )
    i do not want the phone to service , becouse of a bad quality softwareversion !!!!

    Many tanks in advance !! for this usefull informations


  25. V 2.00.052
    N91 (58.01)

    UK – 02 Unbranded

  26. manish

    im havin :
    im in india.

    now after upgrading to this software version, im havin problems running the 3rd party softwares and games. all 3rd party softwares are getting installed but are not running.
    i dunno why??????? can any1 please help me out….

  27. Prateek

    hey Manish,

    How come your country code is 19??? India’s country code is 14…and how come ur RM-158 when it is RM43 all the way thru.. is it coz u hhave the N91-5???

    Mine is
    N91 (14.01)

  28. Rob

    V 2.00.052
    N91 (40.02)

    Australia, updated via Software updater.

  29. Voda1

    To sergio (and forgive me for placing this in thre sets of comments but Id like to help fellow N91 owners)

    Here is some great advice I picked up here:

    cheers Voda1

  30. Music101

    I have now V2.10.013


    SW 2.10 seems to be now rolling out in NSU (I suspect it will probably take about 2 weeks to get to all countries and operators like 2.00 did).

    I bet this resolves the issue with some 3rd party applications not running, sms slow down etc

    I loaded it and actually bought the BestTaskman (because so many people talked about it) and it works (it a good app too). I never owned it before so I cant say it fixed it but it works now.


  31. Sergio

    Tanks Voda !!! my phone has not so many trouble !! the only one trouble i have is the software looks, well it did before, now seems okey! the only way was possible to unloking,is by remove battery, a very bad solution !! And the other bad news for my version software is that i can’t install Themes, well not all Themes, this probleam has been fixs froam version 1.0.30 !!!!!
    Anyway i’m just waiting to get fix by sending the original Nokiasoftware , and get rid of this brand operator software, here TIM ITALIA it stinks still on version 1.0.28 !!!
    So i’m just waiting, even if i can loose the garanty !! after a change , i do not care !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tanks Again for the nice Forum, dedicated to the N91
    (PS !! beside is coming the new N91 !!!
    I think i will get that as well !!! 8giga and Black color!!!!!!))))

  32. Ricardo

    Phone Info

    N91 (01.01)

  33. james tyler

    v 2.10.013
    n91 (58.01)
    uk o2 unbranded unlocked.

  34. Godzookee

    V 2.00.052
    N91 (40.02)
    I am in Australia

  35. Sergio

    V 2.00.052 RM -43
    Finnally here in Italy, Tim Italia did aloud the uppdate !!

  36. samcorp

    no other info, i think mine is really old???

  37. Aby

    V 2.10.013
    N91 (19.01)

    just updated today, from India

  38. nori

    hello. i am new N91 user.
    i am looking for japanese N91 firmware.
    anyone have japanese firmware?

  39. Jarrow

    I have just upgraded mine to from a vodafone branded to

    v 2.10.013
    N91 (58.01)

    I can’t get the menu button to show the menu, it’s just a blank screen with a blue background. It said the upgrade had been successful.

    Any ideas.

  40. bettny

    ha ha ha i cant even get the info up doin the #0000# trust me! lol

  41. bettny

    ignore last message turned off and back on again its done it! i was putting in the * just didnt do it up there! lol!
    n91 (50.01)
    im in rainy old England, and it seems im behind on the update ive only just got my phone (off Ebay) i need to update but 02’s gone on a little holiday for the holidays (ass holes) lol any i deas where i can get this coveted firmware??

  42. Sheikhy

    n91 – vodafone

    I think I have established now that my firmware is old, but can’t for the life of me update it using NSU.

    I have tried everything possible, there are a few steps i have had to miss out though. I can not do the factory reset or the internal phone mem reset *#7370# as it requires a lock code, i have tried everything can someone help.

    I am not really interested in unlocking my phone but just updating the firmware (pref. without vodafone stamped all over it). HELP

  43. champ

    v 2.10.013
    rm 43
    n91 (14.01)

  44. v 2.10.013
    rm 43
    n91 (17.01)

    music player starts when it feels like it and can’t be turned off without a reboot. i’m rebooting this phone 10 times a day. bought directly through nokia usa, via lets talk. been reading tips on isync, but not much of a hacker. nice to find a couple groups on this, cuz i’m thinking about exchange for another except can’t find anything similar. i’m in nyc and have to deal w/ us carriers, yuck.

  45. Can’t seem to update mine! Any ideas welcomed?

    v 05w50.09_EURO1_r
    rm 43

  46. Amir

    i am nat engilish very god
    i have nokia n91
    my problem is very very restart…n91
    for problem test *#7370# , or felash
    no…goog is very bad
    thanks for help

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  48. Pdex

    Hello all! I have a vodafone uk branded n91. I was unable to update as they do not bother to release branded software updates unless there are major problems with it! You can overcome this problem by downloading nemisis service suite (google it). Choose basic install with virtual usb device. connect your phone with a standard usb cable. Open NSS and hit detect phone, then you can use it to change the product code of your phone. Use google to find the generic product code for n91s sold in your area (ie europe, asia, pacific etc) and change it to that. Then try nokia software updater again and bingo! It will flash the generic non branded software on to your phone, and it will be the latest version. This is a simple procedure that anyone can do, i have done it many times. I’m on 2.10.013 and it’s great. Good luck

  49. PAUL D.

    I HAVE N91

    My view on this phone is that is the most advanced hand mobile computer /phone out there/music player etc.I’VE EVEN DROPPED MINE IN MY DOGS WATER BOWL PLUGGED IN AND ON AND IT SURVIVED AMAZING. I have had freezing problems at times and certain .sis files are not supported for some reason even those they say there for s60 3rd edition if anyone has any information on this it would be great also I may need the flash player updated or reflashed ike i’ve heard others have done because when i go to some sites like sony.comit says i need a flash player compatible with there site so if any one know the answer why thenfeel free to reply thanks

  50. Kunal

    i got n91
    v 3.00.060

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  53. utsav

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    V 3.00.060

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