Nokia N91: V 2.00.052 Current known Issues only

Hi Guys ,

Well firstly many thanks for your comments on the blog , its been getting loads of Hits each day  and it keeps getting better.

Id like to make a collection of known issues that are only related to this version of the firmware only. So if you have discovered a Bug in the OS then post it here , but only with the below criteria so as not to confuse the issue.

Only report the Bug if the below is followed……

1, Only Bugs related to V 2.00.052 ONLY

2, It can be recreated by your self time and again. ie repeatable

3, There is NO fix or Workaround

lets see what we have got .




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55 responses to “Nokia N91: V 2.00.052 Current known Issues only

  1. nm

    I have noticed that once my battery drains and the phone is then charged and started up – my current theme is replaced with the default theme. This happens every time the phone shuts off due to a complete battery discharge – it is not reproducible if i shut the phone off manually and start it up. Thus once the battery dies and the phone is restarted – the default theme is selected. All my themes reside on the hard diskk.

  2. Voda1

    To NM

    Regarding the themes. This is well documented now is a “feature” of the symbian O/S and how it handles HDDs like it handles MMC cards. That is when the power is drained or during charging etc the HDD is shut down by the sw and “unmounted” which is equivalent to th eMMC being removed. When symbian starts up it then doesnt know where to look fo the theme/wallpaper. The user must select it again. If the Theme is not on the phone rom than ok. Its a bit annoting but a fact of life.


  3. Death

    1. When listening to music though bluetooth, and when it moves on to the next track, the volume is set back to default. I do not know why this is happening, i am 99.9% positive that it did not do that in 1.00.* i have not found any ways to change this, if anyone has, please share =D

    2. Many *SIS files that used to work with 1.00* do not work anymore. One example is FSCaller. When you start that application, after installing it(which will be successful), it will go to the main screen for that program. When you do anything in the program, it will Say “Out of memory” Put back the default theme and you can not go on any further. I’ve re-installed the firmware twice because of it, I have not found a fix yet.

    3. If your HD is not formated when updating the firmware, and you had SIS’s installed that were supported in 1.00* and now no longer work. Ex: QuickOffice, which can be downloaded from used to work on the N91. It no longer works and IF you had left the installation file under the “Apps Manager” then every time you start up the phone, It will try to install it and fail every time. I can not find a way to remove it off the list, tried from teh phone and from computer. Please let me know if there is a fix for it =D

  4. Death

    Also, not a bug but *#7330# dose not work anymore.

  5. nm

    Theres another thing i have seen with respect to themes. Typically themes once installed can be removed from the app manager. However, when i go to the app manager to remove a few themes i no longer want, i fnd that not all themes are listed there – suprisinly they are the themes i’d like to remove too. (P.S All themes are on the hard drive)…..odd

  6. Voda1


    To Death. It is always recommended that you reformat your HDD when you do a sw update. This happened to me before and What has happened is when you installed the sis files before it places some stuff on the Phone memory (even if the app is on the hdd). You put in new sw and the stuff on the phone memory is gone. When you start up the phone thinks an installtion is incomplete and trys to correct that. Some apps get cleaned up, others do not and this “installing” attempt happens each tiime. You should

    1) Format the HDD
    2) Either reload the sw again or *#7370# (code 12345)
    3) Then bring back the HDD contents from PC but DO NOT just drag and drop the isnatlled files but rather install then again from the SIS level

    good luck

  7. Voda1

    By the way I saw on the GSM forum that Nokia has just released an sms accelerator application. I had some problems a while back with my sms sending seeming to get slower and slower. I send alot of sms and im not sure but i think is saw it startung to happening again with 2.00.052. Anyhow I downloaded this and ran it and it seems my sms is faster.


  8. So I updated it and it works fine. The problem I have is not with the phone update but with PC Suite. When I backed my phone up it claimed to have backed up my contacts, settings and messages. But when I restored it, it did not restore my settings, contacts or SMS messages. It only restored my calendar.

    I lost my messages but use Shozu and was able to re-import my contacts and had to manually configure my phone.

    Latest version of PC Suite, 6.81.13

    Anyone have this problem?

  9. to Bangalore,

    i have the same problem as well. Its only restored my gallery files not even my calender 😦

  10. thang

    hey guys ,
    i have just updated to 2.00.052 .And i have plenty of prob
    – some of the themes which i install crash , i mean when i apply them , i can still use the fone normal but the images crash …
    -i cannot apply the .SIS file on the fone … it says ” file not support ”
    what should i do ? i’m tired of this fone .
    and btw , how long shoud the battery drain for normal use ? by me is ~ 2 days , and before i brought the fone to nokia ,it used to drain in only 1 day T____T tough luck for me !!!
    thank a million if u can help me !!!
    many regards !!!

  11. Voda1

    To thang

    1) Try installing themes onlyon the phone memory not the HDD
    2) SIS file. Remember this is a S60 3rd edition Phone so itmust be signed for Symbian security (SISX files is one example)
    3) 2 days is about right if you are browsing, listening to music etc.


  12. Death

    How to do alphabetize a playlist automatically? Never figured it out…

  13. thang

    ok , i’ve firgured it out already , some themes still crash even that way , but it doesnt matter .
    the critical prob is my fone drains so fast . 2 days but with hardly any music , just some text messages , some phone calls and the rest is wait time .

    and thank u so much voda1 . T___T

  14. Prateek

    Hi Voda…I am experiencing the same problems.. the sms seems to slow down, and also the phone memors is being used up for no reason.

    The site you mentioned for sms enhancement is no longer available.. could you pls advise.


  15. Also another music–volume problem: the volume will be lowered (automagically) with two notches when changing songs and if you try to increase the volume it will be decreased to the previous level. This seems to happen in certain profile(s) only, and I haven’t tried enough to reproduce it yet.

    One way to get rid of the bug is to set the profile to “General” and continue listening. This seems to have appeared in the 2.00 version.

  16. Stibbzy

    I just upgraded my Nokia N91 to the new 2.00.052 firmware and run into a problem. After the upgrade, I can no longer fast forward, rewind or pause tracks encoded in eAAC+ format. If I do attempt to do any of the above actions, the song pauses and just won’t unpause. However, the problem doesn’t occur with songs encoded in mp3 format.

    I have tried formatting the hard drive and erasing the phone memory and updating the firmware again, but to no avail. I have been using the latest versions of PC Suite and Nokia Software updater.

    This is pretty annoying, as these are fundemental operations that one might want to do when playing a song. And I love the eAAC+ format, don’t want to go back to mp3.

    Does anyone have any suggestions at all? Apparently other people are having this same problem.

  17. Voda1


    Thang: After a Sw upgrade you need to go back and optimize. That is if you have sketchy 3G coverage and do not care then set the network setting from Dual Mode to GSM. Dont use the HDD for messaging memory it spins up too mush and chews up your battery. In tools/setting/connection/wlan make sure your “show availability” is set to never.

    Prateek: Try this link : for the SMS accelerator

    Stibbsy: I saw this two. I can skip FWD, skip BACK, stop but pause, FWD and RWD does not work well. For me however if you press stop then play it gets going again. I guess when they introduced Windows DRM they introduced this small bug. I never really fell in love with eAAC+ but its intertesting that some people are moving to it.


  18. Voda1

    Weird that link works if you cut and paste it

  19. Death

    In middle of some tracks, the players just pauses for no apparent reason, anyone know how to fix it?

  20. Voda1


    If it pauses it could be that the actual music file i somewhat corrupted. The file may still play on the PC however if ther is enough data missing I was told the Music player may just pause. Try and identify the songes where it pauses, remove them. Then re-rip them if you can


  21. aditya

    hi voda
    i am having too many problems with the HDD of my n91-1 i have replaced the handset thrice from a nokia care center but finding that the HDD problem is not gettin solved .now nokia people have swaped a n91-5 saying that it is more stable .i tried to update the sw to 2.00 from 1.10 but it says that phone already updated and no updates avlible for your phone…
    will the HDD problem get solved after updating the sw to 2.00??how can i update it?
    plzzzzz help

  22. Death

    Aditya, all i can think up of is to take it back to the place you got the N91-5 from and have them do it. Just a tought.

  23. thang

    thank u , now after reading the news , i’ve made up mind my to sell it and wait for the N91 special , it’s like a charm ….

  24. ahmed

    after succesfuly updating to v 2.00.052, i can say that this is a stable version, it is relatively faster than previous versions. I also noticed that new ringtones are added.

  25. Rob

    I’ve been having some problems playing larger wma files on the N91. With the old 1.00.* firmware the files would play fine, but after ~40-50 minutes the time display would corrupt (change to 1h+ left and 20min played even though there was around 40-50min played and only 10-20min left) and then I could not pause or skip as it would go back to the start of the file.
    Very annoying as these were lecture recordings (Goljan’s Pathology if anybody’s interested) and I need to pause to “think” :-).
    NOW this is working fine, but if I skip around in the audio file a bit, or pause too much it will start to pause randomly every 12-30sec – which is almost more annoying!
    The audio file format is *.wma. They are 16bit, 22kHz, Mono, 20kbps bitrate files. I’ve never noticed pausing with any of my mp3 songs, but then I haven’t really listened to any since I upgraded the firmware yesterday.

    One final comment, you can just go to:,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

    and do the firmware update yourself, no need to go to a Nokia care centre.

  26. Voda1


    I thought Id share a link to some great N91 advice. Note that alot of “HDD problems” are really problems from wonky applications or PC suite issues that screws up the phones sw (a MMC or SD card has he same problem I know I saw it with my firends N80 as well). This advice is good stuff

  27. Voda1

    PS; After reading the Nokia tech discussion boards – It seems also that some of the 3rd party companies hires to do their Customer service dont know what they are doing, They replace perfectly good HDDs like popcorn and say stupid things like the N91-5 is “more stable”. Of course it is all N91-5, N91 GSM (RM158 devices) started with 1.10sw. The earlier devices had 1.00. If these “service” centres just upgraded peoples SW and formated the HDDs it would solve 90% of the problems caused by these apps (like fornatting an MMC). Nokia should stop farming out the service centres and run them themselves like they do the big ones.


  28. 22 Kaka

    Is there any way of reverting back to an older firmware?

  29. 22 Kaka

    Stibzy – I’ve got a solution to the pause and no fast forward problem after the latest firmware upgrade. You need to reencode the mp3 into AAC using I Tunes (stick to 48 kbs for smaller files). Then transfer the new m4a files using mass storage mode. That should solve your problem.

    By the way Voda, could you please stop pretending that this phone is the dogs b*ll*cks because its not, its full of software problems and its so slow. To cap it all off, all the network providers have discontinued this phone on the grounds of unreliability. I hear a rumour that Nokia are stopping production also.

    We need to pressure Nokia and keep highlighting the issues crippling this phone, that way Nokia may stop releasing handsets which don’t fully work.

  30. Music101

    SW 2.10 seems to be now rolling out in NSU (I suspect it will probably take about 2 weeks to get to all countries and operators like 2.00 did). So keep trying

    I bet this resolves the issue with some 3rd party applications not running, sms slow down etc

    I loaded it and actually bought the BestTaskman (because so many people talked about it) and it works (it a good app too). I never owned it before so I cant say it fixed it but it works now.

    Its a bit of a hassle loading each time but on the positive side we can keep getting new updates and new features some times (like WDRM)


  31. Stibbzy

    Kaka – Thanks for your advice, but that proceedure you described of encoding in itunes will only produce AAC files, not eAAC+.

    eAAC+ distinguishes itself from AAC in that it produces panoramic stereo sound of great quality at low low bitrates (ie 48k). It is these files that won’t play properly, normal AAC will play ok.

    Thanks for your help tho, hopefully new firmware will fix the problem.

  32. Voda1

    Sorry Kaka but I am simply not having the problems you are having. I hav ebeen a S60 user for many years and perhaps my expectations are lower (ie i see this as a computer more than a phone)

    Best of luck


  33. Des

    Firstly, evening to everyone on the blog. After reading through i think there’ll be many of you pros’ who can lend me some advice.

    I’m still new to smart phone and the problem with N91, when transfering music file it always indicate a memory full (as a matter of fact there’s available memory still). Operation carried out using bluetooth and phone to phone.

    Whereas if i drag and drop using using file transfer it says the file is corrupted (i tried playing file which worked wonderfully on my Samsung handset and computer). The only reason i think of is the size of the file which is almost 8MB, could this be the issue, please enlighten me. The operation is using bluetooth and pc to phone

    While worst is the pc suite, it won’t even load that particular file onto the play list.

    Lastly but not least, my sincere gratitude to those who helped in advance.



  34. Laurence

    Having upgraded to the newer firmware everything was fine for about a month, with almost no crashes. But now almost every day the main message section wont open up, yet the phone doesnt crash and other functions can still be used ( note I am using the phine memory for sms). restarting the phone clears this problem.

    Has anyone else experinced this problem?

  35. Terwu

    I have problem with using nokia N91 Hard Drive. It Usually error the hard drive when I disconnect USB cable. Any one knows the reason. Now My hard drive can’t format it (I mean NOT FORMAT COMPLETELY)…. Help me please!

  36. Terwu

    Now, I’ve got problem with N91. When I go to any folder it’s ok, but when i run application it said “memory full”. What’s wrong? I have nothing programs run on N91. Any solutions!

  37. Sandeep

    hi i have a bit of a problem yeh ive upgraded to v2 it cool but i cant seem to be able to intsall any games yeh or any thems it keeps on saying that it is not supported can someone help me please can how can i resolve this issue cheers

  38. Lloyd

    Im having big problems with my n91, no problems with the music player, but i have nothing on the phone memory itself yet it states that the phone memory is full (13mbs) and that there are 0 bytes free. Which means it takes about 10 minutes to send a text and can’t upload anything onto the phone. Rubbish. I’ve had this phone 9 months and had nothing but disapointments.

  39. Blue

    my nokia N91 has given up completly, i have grinned and beard with this Amizing… but yet so so so poorly programed phone.

    Problems Encountered;
    -1- Messages Wont Send
    *** Full Format, Everything fine
    -2- Freezing
    *** Full Format, Everything fine
    -3- Media Player Wont Work
    *** Full Format, no Effect
    *** Software Update, problem solved
    -4- Freezing… Again
    *** HDD Re- Install, No Effect
    -5- I looked at my phone just has i finished work, everything was fine… well aside from all the bugs i work around, about 3 maybe 4 mins later i took my phone out of my pocket, only to find… none of my keys work (except the power)
    my phone has been restarted about 100 times, and i can preform a form, hard reset, or even an upgrade via data cable.

    Anyone know how to fix this problem?.. besides a 16lbs lump hammer

  40. Blue

    **************************************************my phone has been restarted about 100 times, and i cant preform a format, hard reset, or even an upgrade via data cable.

  41. Fara

    Hi, ive got a problem with my Nokia N91. Ive just updated the firmware but unfortunately I noticed this problem after so im not sure if the update caused this.

    My songs in the “music player” is not in “tracks” via the Gallery-it states “no data” so I can’t associate songs to indiviual contacts. When synchronising from Media Player, all songs should be copied there by default.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Can anyone help? Thanks

  42. Magosla

    I have a N91 phone. I updated the firm ware to 2.20.008 and i worked fine for about 10 hours when i later tried to access the Hard drive it was unavaillable so i switch off the phone and switched it on & the phone became unstable it stands by and later comes up within a space of 5 secs continously. when i remove the battery cover it becomes stable but still cannot access the hard drive. I have tried reseting the phone but it does not help. Can someone help me on how to resolve the issue. if it is to reinstall the phone software where can i get the software to reinstall

  43. Garth

    I too have a problem with the Songs dissapearing from the gallery, but it has also affected the photos. they are still on there by going through file manager but it defeats the object of having an easy access gallery.

    Like Fara Can anyone help? Thanks

  44. han

    Yeah i have all the songs now going through gallery now instead of playing like they once did. Thanks Nokia ya bunch of wankers!!

  45. nigil das

    hey guys i have got a problem with my new n91 when i go to hard drive it shows hard drive not formated…..

    all my songs have been deleted automatically i formated it also but nothing gives me a result what shall i do pls tell me guys

  46. pezmick

    with all the problems everyone is having, i would march back to the shop you bought it from and DEMAND your money back or what ever and buy a better phone

  47. salum

    i update with v2.10 and it works fine

  48. Raji

    My s/w upgrd strucked in between and now phone is not detecting by the s/w, can any one suggest any idea to resolve this ?

  49. Asrar

    i have a nokia 5300 i have themes on my phone but every time i got to my theme which i want i click apply and i wait for 1 min and then it says not enough memory i have buyed a 2 gb memory card and still not applying plz help email me

  50. faiz

    Hi people.

    My N91 is so screwed lol.. Like it has music stored on it and still it dosn’t show up in the music menu library thing. But it does in ‘tracks’. I’ve tried updating my fones software but still no change 😦
    Its like Fara and Garth (up before me).
    Any help would be appreciated =)

  51. HI i have a N91-5 , there are zero messages in my inbox , i have used a little space on the calender and zero music but when ever i get a message ,it says please delete some data, i have tried transfering my contact list on the hard drive but in vain, can u help please.

  52. Voda u seem to knw your busines when it cums to this hand set do you mind droping a c0ntact so i cn get m0re advice 4m you hvnt upgradd sw yet bt expieranced m0st of the mem0ry problems and formatd the phne nw i dnt hve any c0mplaints what i would like 2 knw is if there is a true memory upgrade avail 4 the phne memory i thnk that wud b the easiest solutn to al the trouble sho0ting african prince.

  53. furious

    my nokia N91 is nt receivin any messages.i can send bt can’t receive.wat shud i do??????pls help!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. binit

    hey everyone
    actually i got an n91 bt it shows no hardsik available…
    wud u suggest me plzzz….
    my mail id is

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