Nokia N91: Black & 8GB to go please!

N91 7gb

HI All!

Well i guess I couldnt stand by and not post about the news of the updated Nokia N91.
So what do we know so far???

Well first what Nokia Has to say….

“Music for the masses. Take control of your tunes with 8GB of pure high-quality stereo. Snap superior images with the 2 megapixel camera and enjoy a rich mobile internet experience. The Nokia N91 8GB with MP3 player capability is your new musical companion.”

Ok So what or how is it diffrent from the 4gb model??

Well not much really, what we do know is ….
It will be Black, have 8gb HDD and thats about it. NO support for Wireless Bluetooth stereo headsets have been added yet , but we always have the firmware updates!

I for one are not to pushed about this news , i dont use all of my 4gb as it is so having an extra 4 gb to play with is not that important to me really .
The phone coming inBlack is good ,and Id love if mine came in Black as well but i can live with it.

But there is more to this then a new Model of our fav Nokia phone,

If there is a new Model then it should mean that support for the phone should also improve as well, after all why release a new phone with these specs to take on the IPOD if you dont have the support behind it?? We have already seen it with the release of DIY Firmware updates on the web , so its reasonable to assume that Nokia is takeing it all very serious.

For those that are interested here is the link to Nokia N91 8gb product page its self

Nokia N91 8GB



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82 responses to “Nokia N91: Black & 8GB to go please!

  1. Death

    I sooooo want to know the price on it!!! and when its comming out =D

  2. Tian Scholtz

    I read somewhere, (cant remember where exactly) that the 8GB version will be about 100 Euros more expensive than the 4GB one.

    I just hope it’ll be possible to upgrade the harddrive on my 4GB N91.

  3. Tian Scholtz

    Found the link:

    So the N91 8GB will apparently be out beginning of November.

  4. Yeah the N91 8Gb is something I’m highly tempted by when its released, I have the current 4Gb N91 in silver (UK spec simfree / unbranded) and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect size handset, does everything I want and need, 2mp camera is enough for me, just the 4Gb & WiFi that made me choose it. But I may get the new black version when its released just because =)

  5. Death

    I say they need to upgrade the camera too. I opened my phone up yesterday. there is SOOOO MUCH room in there. This phone could have been way skinner then it is. And around the camera, there is about half an inch depth and atleast 1 inch diameter, the camera being the middle, free space. They can easily put in a better cam with optical zooming. The hard drive can be easily upgraded also, if that HD is replaceable, probably have to solder it. One thing i notice was that alot of connections where wired now. They are on TOUCH base, i don’t know what you call it, BUT like the mic, there are 2 little really skinny pieces of wires that are just there(on the cover) and they lead to a point where they touch the surface of the chip where the info is transfered, so when you open it, there isn’t much worry about breaking wires ect..

  6. partybiber

    This is a complete joke.

    They release the N91 4GB with so many problems, and then cover this up with a release of a 8GB model.

    This is absolutely taking the mickey out of all of us.

    It’s clear that they have massive problems with the Hard drives of the 4GB model and are covering this up by releasing another model.

    I take this as an insult.

    They should replace every 4GB model with this new model, as i don’t know many people who haven’t had to return their N91 due to some issue being software or hardware related.

  7. The bear

    I agree with you partybiber, i have the N91 and it is an waful phone, it hangs between 10-20 times a day.

    I am getting rid of it and downgrading to a Nokia 6111, I want to know that my phone will text and call!!! what use is a phone that has all these extras but cannot even be used as a normal mobile?

    Terrible, Terrible phone has put me right off every buying a new range phone again!

  8. ahmed

    the black cover is really attractive. Am thinking of fixing the black cover on my phone. Lets just hope that the covers’ price will be reasonable.

  9. I honestly don’t know why people complain about the N91 so much.. mine’s a generic Nokia N91 and I can safely say, I have never had a problem with it! It has never hanged once, the hard disc drive is fantastic, its quick and responsive. I guess I’m just lucky after reading about so many people with problem’s.

  10. Death

    I havent had many probs after teh firmware update. But Before that, my phone crashed numerous times. I wish they would replace all 4GB units with 8GBs. Cuz thats not really fair, lol. But even when they do come out im waiting for the N95. Thing is offf THE CHAIN!!! 5MP camera w/ optical and 20x dig zoom. Though the space isnt that much but u have a miniSD slot(up to 2 GB) and its awsome lol. Maybe we wont get many probs outtaa that cuz it has no HD!

  11. partybiber


    you are one of the rare lucky ones who haven’t had any issues.

    there are plenty of people complaining about the N91 and all experiencing the same problems.

    The n91 would truly be an excellent phone if it weren’t for its inherent problems.

  12. Voda1


    I have not had any problems with My N91. Remember most people who post ona Blog etc are people who have a problem (that doesnt mean they are lying or anything) just that most people do not take the time to post when things are going great. Partybibber I suggest upgrading the sw. Also here is a link I found to some really great advice:


  13. Tian Scholtz

    I must also be one of the lucky ones, haven’t had any problems with my N91 at all.

  14. Death

    Gosh, Im getting really tempted to get it. But i want to wait for the 95, I wish they would WORK on the phone insted of keep comming out with new ones and kinda just abandon the olds. Because to me, it seems like the N91 needs much more work, there are features that are supported which are not in the firmware. If they put them in maybe we can actually USE what we PAID for. lol. But bleh N95 is lookin very sexy!

  15. Dylan

    Man I’ve been having plenty problems with my N91. First up the software crashes (or semi-crashes. Example of a semi-crash is the media buttons on the front stop responding.. or the volume control button stops responding.. or when typing a text message certain numeral keys stop responding (or fire a different event – my most common is the ‘4’ key starts acting like the ‘c’ (clear) key so instead of typing a G, H or I it deletes characters..)

    For the last 2 weeks the microphone has hardly worked at all (ie when somebody calls you keep going “hello, can you hear me” until they hang up and you have to sms back to say you’ll try phone them from a different phone).

    And I’ve been very unlucky to go through o2 to get myself a N91 – they won’t sign off for the newer firmware versions, so every time I try out the self-upgrade tool from nokia, it says my firmware is up to date, even though I only have V1.10.030. I’ve even phoned the o2 support team and they cannot give a date when they will be allowing nokia to provide their firmware for self update.

    If I could go back 3 months in time I would 100% not get this phone. It has been a disappointment to me, and I would not recommend it to any of my friends or colleagues either.

  16. Thanks

    Just to clarify the N91 8GB DOES have support for BT stereo headphones and it works great.

    You should at least have a listen to the N91 8GB paired to a Nokia BTH501.

    After I learned the tricks and what NOt to do with my N91, and I updated to 2.1 firmware I’ve had very few problems with it. I use it to watch movies, listen to music, and do my emails (using VPN).

  17. bettny

    hey, ive been thinking of getting a nokia N91 really since they came out and just after christmas i am planning on buying one, BUT after hearing all the things that go wrong im not sure now. the main thing i like about it is its music player and the 4GB hard drive. but is it worth it?

  18. bettny

    o hey when will the nokia N91 8gb and the N95 be out in the UK??

  19. death2007

    No word on the N91 8GB, Not that I’ve heard. The N95 in Q1 of 2007

  20. issraar

    when does nokia n91 8gig come out in uk

  21. issraar

    the n95 in uk comes out in march

  22. England thug

    my pics are in file manager…. but not in gallery this phone when i 1st got it wass the best thing on road untill i got sooo many problerms with it!
    1st was just going slow..then when ppl called my music sounded like it was getting smashed by a rihno..then when i called ppl they could not hear me me.i got that fix. too many problerms will not buy the 8mg no way its all the same sh*t, im thinkin of n73 or the n95..but i need help with getting my pics and music back into my gallery and my clips some1 help pls

  23. Steve

    I never bought anything else in past except for Nokia … 5110 6210 7210 1100 5510 6230 and now N91 .. Never before i had a problem with previous phones … thats why i kept on buying Nokia …. But N91 is driving me crazy . I upgraded firware i ve tried all networks and what annoys me more is that the official Nokia does nothing about it .

    I will return my phone and ask for a money back or for a replacement of the phone but not with a N91 .

    Its sad becasue the phone has so many things on it but … doesnt work like a normal phone 😦

  24. vanilla

    same problem :certain media keys won’t work ,key number “4” is not working! Any ideeas?

  25. LeOgAhEr

    I Love you girls


  26. Raphael Nana Gyan Amofa-Baah

    my problem is dat ma fon is always hangin.
    any time i load music on it den it gets lost.
    i can’t load any new theme on it.
    i want a way out.
    so pls help me.

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  28. Tsiko

    I love my phone its the best and the 8gig is very good

  29. Kitheka

    Bot the nokia N91 8GB-wonderful at first,but has been showing this annoying message-“hard disk unavailable-delete data in phone memory and try again”Please help-anyone!!!Considerin gettin a new music phone-please a lot in advance

  30. The phone is great, although it isnt an iphone.

  31. I have an N91 Black,
    and I find the music player is not as good as the Ipod.
    Difficult making playlists etc.

    I cant see the point of javing so much storage.

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