Nokia N91 Firmware update V2.10.013

Hi ,

Im sure most of you know this by now but a new software version has been released bring it to V 2.10.013 now.

I havnt seen much improvement yet but given time if i see anything worth while ill let you know right here.

Currently I’m wondering why Nokia doesnt release a list of the bug fixes and improvements with each new firmware that is released, would make it more easy to see the improvements.

If you find improvements over your old version of the Firmware then be sure to post here for others to see and support.




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37 responses to “Nokia N91 Firmware update V2.10.013

  1. NPP

    MacBuckley, i guess you got my email then.

  2. NPP

    I think the themes load faster and so do the menus, they are the immediate changes that i have found after a bit of playing around.

  3. macbuckley

    HI ,
    Well firstly , I got several mails includeing yours.

    Something new that ive noticed is that you now have a self timer function in the camera mode. Never seen that before.

  4. NPP

    oh, okay. Thanks anyway.

    Yeah i know what you mean about the self timer. So do you think the interface is faster?

  5. As information, I still have the 2.00.52 firmware and I also have the timer function.
    And as far as I can remember, I also had the function while I was still on 1.30

  6. Dips

    I’m on the original firmware and the self timer is even on there.

    Symbian-freaks list what is different with all Nokia phone’s firmware, apart from the N91 for some reason. Here:

  7. NPP

    oh, okay, my bad i yhougth that was new two, like Macbuckley.

  8. hi guys can you help me i have the new update but now i can not open the podcast app thats on the phone is it just me or is it a BIG BUG

  9. Death

    Find any changes yet? Except the faster response time?

  10. Death

    One change i saw in my phone is that when you are in gallery or images videos ect..And exit it, and then when you open it back up, The little “cursor” thing will be on the same file when you had closed it. I dont know if that has always been there but i just now realized it

  11. Death

    Okay i’ve been playing around with the phone a bit more. And i THINK, that they put in a little system that uses some of the either HD or the phone momory space as RAM to keep track of where your cursor is and settings are ect.

    The reason i say that is because i turned off the standby active key feature off, its the little bar with the 6 keys you can program. Last time i turend it off and back on, It set them back to the defaults. I just did taht right now and set them back to what i had. So i dont know, its a hunch =D

  12. Voda1

    Hi from what I can gather they put that sms accelerator application right in the sw (i got that from a Blog). They fixed some compatibility issues with 3rd party apps that seemed to pop up in version 2.00. So far its been a very stable load of sw.

    As for podcast – if you did a sw update you have to re-intsall all you apps or format hdd


  13. Azooz

    hi I ve bought a N91
    V 2.10.013
    N91 (09.01)

    i am from UAE my phone get me alots of trouble I formated the memory and reset my phone memory by *#7370#

    now when ever i put any sond in it it works for 1 hour after that it starts it starts again it say plzz format ur memory card i do it and after a while it appears again i lost all my contacts and messages plzzzz someone help me wat to do with it and i bought it so expensive :S plzzz help reply me on my email for help i will be very thank ful to u plzzzzzzzzzz 😦 .

  14. Voda1


    I would not store your messages etc on the HDD. Here are some useful tips

  15. Romzy

    Hey, was browsing thru ur site and I was wondering if you could tell me more about my N91 — i recently purchased it in India ; When i tried the *#0000# combination, I got :::

    N91 (19.01)

    Was wondering if you could shed some light on the above information and how any Firmware updates would affect / improve the functionality.

    Appreciate any help that you have to offer !!
    Cheers !!

  16. Thanks for info about new firmware!

  17. D

    Has anyone’s phone started giving them static? Mine gives me so much static after the update. Any way to go back to teh previous firmware?

  18. Babak

    you are so lucky Azooz cause i have a rm-43 model I am in Iran and i would be highly appreciate for any help like you.
    below is my E-mail that can kindly expect any help form anyone.

  19. Voda1


    Look at the tips i poseted above. I have friends in tehran and they have great internet connections. Hopefully you do to and can upgrade your software to 2.10.


  20. Hokum

    YES! O2 have updated the firmware! v2.00 odd now!

    On another note, Babak, that wouldnt be the babak i used to work with in manchester is it?

  21. HI guys, I got 1.10.030 got it on O2 week ago anyone has a list of improvements? Is it worth updating at all? thanks

  22. Jarrow

    I have just upgraded mine to from a vodafone branded to

    v 2.10.013
    N91 (58.01)

    I can’t get the menu button to show the menu, it’s just a blank screen with a blue background. It said the upgrade had been successful.

    Any ideas.

  23. Simon

    Just got the N91 yesterday. I’m updating to the latest firmware. I already had some errors about the disk not being in place. Let’s hope that was just a one time thing.

    V 2.10.013
    N91 (2.01)
    It’s a Dutch phone.

  24. death2007

    Most of them will be gone once you update! =D

  25. Uziel

    I have to say that the new update work much better. All my themes works as it crashed the phone before. Looks like Nokia is getting something right.

    Cheers from South Africa !

  26. n91 keeps freezing, restarting and hard drive not available.How to Fix this?
    i just upgraded my sw. version from 2.00 to this.

    v 2.10.013
    still the same thing it freezes and hangs off, damm.

    my n91 keeps freezing then when i enter menu, then it will still take 30 sec to enter or resets the firmware. how pissed i am always with this thing.

    having a hard drive not available when i look in tools. tried hard resets, format, updates, nothing really works.

    is this hardware/software problem?. as i havnt fully use this damm unit yet. Anyone especially freaking assholes from nokia answer this or maybe just email me?

    pls. anyone need advise on what to do,

    jic from philippines

  27. Emmanuel

    Hi there,
    I received 9 months ago a prototype version of Nokia N91 with a pretty old firmware. I recently tried to update it with NSU but I got a message: “No update available for your phone” while my firmware version dates back to Feb 06. I have tried different tricks read on forums like changing the product code through NSS but nothing was successful. I still got that damn’ message. I think the only way to update the phone is to get a hand on the file of the European version (2.10.013 N91-1 RM-43) and install it with NSS or Phoenix. So I was wondering I could I find this file if I can’t download it through NSU? Any idea?

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards

  28. Munish Bhutani

    Finally 2.10 has done it right… guys go and update ur firmware and no hangups anymore… I m enjoyin the real on-goin fun with this update…things have got faster and smoother….

  29. hELLO:

  30. hello everyone, i just posted long time ago the issues and problems with my n91 unit,

    is you want some techniques and ideas on how to fix the problem,, visit


  31. Smitty

    Emmanuel!, we are in a similar situation I think.
    I recieved a prototype as well, a while back, and with the normal hick-ups, I thought now is a good time to update the software.
    I did, and after it says I have updated successfully, and my phone is ready for use.
    I get the message, phone failed to start, contact retailer.
    Is my unit gone forever, or is there a way for me to recover it.
    Help is so needed

  32. Umoh

    how do i get this V2.10.013. an how do i install it on the phone

  33. saleem

    how can i update my nokia n91 without connecting it to pc suit

  34. saleem

    how to download it

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