Nokia N91: The End

HI Everyone,

Well Ive made my choice Ive decide to move on from the Nokia N91.

And with that means no longer keeping this blog going.

In retrospect, this blog was simply an experiment mostly for me to see how many users out there were so interested in this phone who would bother to use this blog.
The Answer was very surpriseing,


Over 64,000 hits since this site was started.
Best Day Ever: 605 views
Average View /Day 303 views

Posts total : 107
Comments :444
10 Sites linking to this Blog directly.

So its been interesting for Me, i never thought that id get such numbers when I first started.

The main reason I’m moving on to a new phone is mostly this ,
Size, As great as the phone is , the 4GB, the radio etc…etc…..etc….
the weight and size of the phone always bothered me a little so Ive decided to lay it to rest and move on with the Samsung D900.

I would like to thank all you for your support , comments on this site as in the end without you the reader this blog would not have had the numbers it has achieved today.

I will no longer post on this blog but for those that need the information ill leave it here to sit for a few months and in the end remove it.

Many thanks to all of you.




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6 responses to “Nokia N91: The End

  1. plz do not go i love this webpage plz plz plz

  2. will thin i will be singing you a song on my next podcast at

  3. Anthony ID

    we actually met at apple discussion board and at the same exploring our N91s with our macs, isync to be specific.

    eventhough i have changed phones ages ago, i still visit your blog just to see whats new…

    enjoy your new Samsung D900…

    Anthony ID

  4. Ramanan

    Too bad for you! The sound quality is unmatched. feel sorry for you!

  5. hi there. was wondering if you found any way to sync up your d900’s calendar and address book with the mac?

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