Dismantle The N91!

Hello Everyone!!

Since Mac is now moving on to a new phone, I’ve decided that I will keep this blog updated with info I can gather! For my first post, I was thinking of posting a walkthrough of taking the N91 apart. Now you may ask, “Why would you take apart something such as this?” Well I’ve given it some thought and told myself, I’ve paid a heap of money for it and I need to take well care of it! When I opened this baby up, I noticed that it was INFESTED with dust and other things that might be in your pocket! And also the suspense to see whats inside was killing me! So take a gander!

Another thing is that my N91 is very scratched up. I hate looking at it and seeing all the scratches and dents. So I did some research. I found out that MobileFun sells the housing for the N91. It is quite expensive but it might be well worth it. You can check it out yourself at MobileFun.

Thanks to PajaP, He has compiled a much better Dismantel Guide with even more graphical details. Check it out Here!




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15 responses to “Dismantle The N91!

  1. Akash

    Where can i find one of those screw drives?

  2. death2007

    I believe that MobileFun has some. Check out the link and search their products!

  3. Confused

    The screen part thats in the housing wont come out. I am afraid to pull it out because i might break it. What should i do? is there an easier way to take that last piece out of the housing?

  4. death2007

    Confused, Just wiggle it a little, It will come out, use something small enough to shove in between the housing and the screen part and just lift it out.

  5. PajaP

    I have put together a pdf guide to disassembling a N91 if you are interested;


  6. Death

    Thank you! Thats AWSOME =D

  7. macboy

    Check cnn.cn. You’ll find OEM N91 housings for a lot cheaper than at MobileFun.

    I’ve used them a couple times. They ship very quick and the parts are definitely genuine.

  8. Chris

    HI! I have n91 too.I pay much money and n91 is not a good phone.First of all it doesn’t play good.It play very louer than walkman phones.Oly good in this phone is the hard drive.

  9. Yes I am also interested in some other method to go with. My Freind Chris you are right that N91 is costly, the music side is good, but as soon as you start loading a songs onto it slowdowns alot. It would hang on sending text messages for a good 5 minutes and recieving MMS, would lock the phone up until the message came through (taking upwards of 5mins).


  10. Jessica

    Excellent death you are right that N91 battery get scratched very fast. Also this page http://www.blueunplugged.com/p.aspx?p=117269 which i found is selling the same nokia replacement cover at only 12£ which is very less compared to the site which you have mentioned.
    Eventually i liked your post very much.
    Jessica Ranger

  11. Shiv Satchit

    I have similar problems with my N91, crashing in the middle of conversation, battery not lasting more than a few hours and now I have discovered that its built-in mike may be malfunctioning as I need to connect my hand-free kit to be able to record.

    The facia is badly scored, scarred and dented so its very unsightly for a phone on which I lavished so much money. I am looking to reinstall – any advice from anyone. I need to do that to solve the malfunction and see it could do the trick about the battery problem.

    Any advice would be much appreciated
    From: Shiv Satchit

  12. Torx screw driver is needed to take most Nokia phones apart.Essential piece of equipment!

  13. kiran

    I to have a nokia n91 i like it very much

  14. kiran kumar

    im having nokia n91 and i like it very much because it supports many themes and apps but it doesnt have a sd slot
    i have a trouble with wifi it is that it will not agree when typed wifi password also but for only un secured wifi networks only.but N91 rockzzzzzzzzzzz

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