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N91-MAC: Site update, Meebo Me!

Hi Guys,

Well ive decide to get a little closer to my readers , all 350/day of you.

Useing the new Meebo Widget that is on WordPress ill be contactable for a trial period. If all goes well ill make it a permament feature.

I wont always be able to respond as i wont be at my desk all of the time but if you leave a message and hang around I will respond.

Let me know what you think.



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Apple MAC /Nokia N91: macosxhints updated with N91 isync hack

Well , looks like myself and fellow Nokia N91er pinoybrother got the isync hack submitted and posted on the website.

Due credit goes to pinoybrother as it was he who worked on it and managed to get it working.

For those interested here is the link


PS if your looking for the N91 tiff file please let me know and ill repost it.


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N91-MAC: Apple software Update Kills Isync Hack!

About the Mac OS X 10.4.7 Update (delta)

Ive just seen an update from apple , I always usualy download these but now that Ive got Isync working on the phone there is a good chance that when i complete this down load its not going to work any more.

Only one way to find out , Ill make the download and then test the phone .

Wish me luck , and ill update this post on my return.


OK Ive done it , eveything looks ok except that the hack that was made a few months ago now no longer works, i was expecting this , so will just have to reinstall it again.

Will let you all know how it goes , but be aware that if you download the current update from apple this will remove the ISYNC hack as you can see from the above pic.



For those of you that went through with the Update here is the Post i made prevous on how to enable the isync hack.



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N91-MAC: Questions , Questions


I guess it still amazes Me how well this site as grown, but also amazes me in other ways to.

On average i get about 4-5 emails/Day with questions,  now dont get the mistaken, Ill certainly try to answer questions if i can , but i have to say some of the emails I've been getting  has made me wonder what people are like out there??

I get emails asking about PC/Nokia N91 related items??!! Does the Title not tell you what i own??

 Also things like , " I Need this Answered!!" puts me right off and sends that email to the trash. 

Im sorry guys , but this whole blog was a personal thing , im not being payed to do this, i do it because i love the Nokia N91 and want to share my experience with you all, but i certainly cant answer all of these crazy and down right silly questions.
Im like you  , i use Google, Yahoo , RSS Feeds, etc….. to get my answers , sure ive even used the phone direct to Nokia on some posts.

If you have a question for Me then please follow the below guidelines as ive been seeing a lot of emails with some really silly questions.

  1. I own a MAC( Apple) not a PC, any Questions that relate to a PC are deleted.
  2. I own a Nokia N91 only, i cant compare other phones unless you are willing to send it to me to compare and im sure you wont do that so there is no point in asking me which is better as i only have the Nokia N91 now.
  3.  If you ask a question that has already been answered in the Blog somewhere then ill simply delete it, why should I repeat something if all you had to do was search the blog??
  4. Questions with "Urgent, ANSWER NOW!, PLEASE PLEASE, NEED Answer Now!, will get deleted right away, your not paying me to do this so why should i rush ??

Remember guys , im like you , I use the N91 on a Day to day basis with my Apple mac, if i find something usefull or/and find an issue then ill post about it for others to read and experience, i dont have loads of free time to research your answers, so wont always get back to you right away.

Many Thanks


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N91-MAC:Nokia N91 now in the US

Once again my fav female reader Lizz has enlighted me to some news for our American readers……..


Hey Mac, Lizz here one more time.  Probably more to be
honest.  I just wanted to let you know so you can post
it on the blog for anyone else in the U.S. who is
interested in the N91 that Nokia's USA website is now
selling the N91 for $599.  We can now buy it directly
from Nokia which should solve any warranty or firmware
issues for all of us in the states.

I'll be ordering mine today or tomorrow and then soon
I'll be able to offer advice about the phone myself
instead of just asking questions.

Thanks again for all your continued help!



Many Thanks for the Info Lizz,

Ive heard that the US get screwed sometimes when it comes to mobiles, ( Cells) i even heard that its really hard to get a simple unlocked phone, ie it MUST be assigned to a network when bought?? Is that true??

Also , there is no such thing as Prepaid in the US when it comes to Mobile phone networks, everyone is on contract.

Would love to get some answers to those questions from our American readers.


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MAC N91: What is your reason?

Hi Guys,

There seems to be a lot of readers of this blog , and as I want to make it as interactive as possible I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of people come to this blog to read.

So please have a look on the right hand side of this page and you should see a new section called "Current Survey"
Below is a link to a simple survey, just simply click on one and see the results for your self , I think It will be interesting for all to see who is reading so far.  Plus It will give me more ideas for the blog to make it better.

Many Thanks for your Help.



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N91/MAC: Security Update 2006-003 and N91?

HI ,

Well testing times are ahead for some of us, but im more interested in the effect this update will have on the recent hack for Isync and Nokia n91.

Security Update 2006-003
As some of you may know , a hack was discovered that allowed the ful use of isync with the Nokia n91 , now when i say full use im talking about it copying over Everthing in the address book which includes contact pics!

Now with the release of this security update im wondering will this be a big impact on us users with the Nokia N91?

Please let me know , those of you with MAC's and Nokia N91's if you discover anything usual, ive downloaded the securtiy update last night myself but yet to test it with the Phone, ie…..Finder, Bluetooth , Isync, etc….etc…. So as soon as i find something ill let you know here in this post.



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