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Nokia N91: How to perform a soft reset.

Hi Ive noticed this being asked on the web alot so thought id post it here for all to use.

How to reset to my original settings on the Nokia N91 without deleting my files.


You can reset some of the settings to their original values by pressing the Menu key, and selecting Tools > Settings > Device settings > General > Orig. phone settings. To do this, you need the lock code. After resetting, the device may take a longer time to power on. Documents and files are not affected.



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N91: Play An Episode from Battlestar Galactica on your Nokia N91

Ok, Some News.

Some of you may know that like most people I am a fan of Battlestar Galactica and currently the last episode is going to be shown on Sky One ( Ireland / UK Tv) next Tuesday, Awwwwwwwww very sad day…..:-(

BUT im prepared, ive decided to put all my season 1/2 episodes on to the Nokia N91 so that they will be with me always.

and here is how ive done it.

First you need to convert the DVD.

Ive got the first season on DVD but of course the files ae way to big to put on the phone.

So when i first started useing the Video Ipod i converted all the episodes to ipod format useing Handbrake, this app is for the MAC only as far as i know. Converted them all to ipod format and loaded in to my machine and itunes to view on my video ipod.

Ok now in order to get them on to the Phone they need to be coverted to a partiular resolution as i will show u.

In the above screenshot i used Isquint, its fine but i think ill keep looking for a better bit of app, Im testing another app and if i get better results ill let you know here.

Also , after viewing the completed file on the N91 i think i can go higher with the Framerate , now the Max is 30fps so ill try that next time round.

Once completed copy the file to the video folder on the N91 Harddrive and let Realplayer play it for you, and now you have battlestar galactica on your N91

Dont belive me?? Well here is a mov of it.

And an updated vid here 

So the BIG question , what is the Quality like?? Well first look about and see how i encoded it.

208×176 resolution

350 bitrate


And here are some screenshots from the phone its self.

The Battlestar Galactica episode is "Water"

Let start with the preinstalled player

Ohhhh now its loading…..

Opeing credits……they look they feel ……..and they have a plan….etc..etc…..

Looking good……ok concentrate!!

You will notice that the video is now on pause, once this has been done clicking on "Options" and selecting "Continue in Fullscreen you get ……..

FULL SCREEN! Now you will see from the video i posted that when the video on the phone is in full screen it uses the screen lenght wise and this is done to good effect.

I knew she was suspect..

And as you can see its on with the show!

Action Scene…

What the Frak! Did you know that we Irish have something like that?
Instead of Fuck, we use "Feck"!

Good detail i think…….

Camera moves up…….

Not Bad, Not bad at all! the Picture quality i refer to of course!!

And back to normal view.

Now i find that normal view is not that confortable but in full screen view it works best. There are occasions when it will miss a frame , im gonna work on that and see if it can be improved a bit more.


This is adding more weight to the debate that the next gen mobile is going to kill off the Ipod, im thinking at the moment there both now in the race, im willing to bet that in the next 3-4 years we are going to see a change from Ipods to smart phones provided that Apple doesnt do something major to the Ipod , like turn it in to a half phone as well.

Id be interested in anyone else who has tried this and what experiences they have encountered, also please included the specs, what you used , what bitrate , fps, etc…etc…

Hope this was a good post for you all!



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N91/MAC: Isync Your Nokia N91

Well sooner or later someone was going to crack it before apple did.

Yesterday it was reported on that the user was able to get ISync to work with the Nokia N91.

Click here for the post its self

Here are the details , at least from what I could learn from the post its self.

I think every MAC user at this stage knows how to use and edit the metaclasses.plist file on the mac and based on the file below ive tried it.

Modify metaclasses.plist using the codes below:

<string>Nokia+Nokia N91</string>
<string>Nokia+Nokia N91-1</string>
<string>Nokia+Nokia N91</string>
<string>Nokia+Nokia N91-1<string>

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Download iCon

I tried it myself and for the moment it doesnt work but ill try again later on tonight when i have a clear head, if i get any results ill post them here for others to try and confirm.

Let me just add something here , a Solution is only a Solution when it has been confirmed a fix for more then 4-5 users so id be interested in any feedback based on the above.

Many Thanks



Well after spending no more then 5 mins useing Anthonys soloution i have found that it does indeed work!!

Many Thanks MUST go to Anthony for his work on find the hack, i suspect their will be loads of Apple/N91 users looking for this hack so ive include the link to the steps involved. 

Also i might point something out that Anthony may not have noticed or didnt mention for some reason.

When you sync your contacts from the Address book, and those entrys in the Address book have Photos attached, those very same photos get Synched over as well!!!

Thats right folks, contact pics get synch over as well.




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