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Apple Mac / Nokia N91: Isync , Ical entries are showing up late!

Hi  , JBC has sent in this email……..


I've managed to get my N91 syncing (thanks to n91.10.4.6 blogspot) but I have a problem with calendar entries. If I set an alarm in iCal, say for 15mins before a meeting is due to start, it shows up on the N91 calendar as starting 45mins after the meeting (basically an hour later than when I set the alarm for). Any thoughts? Anyone else you know come across this?


Ive never heard of this on the phone and personly i dont use the ical as i use Gcal instead.

What I might suggest is to do a complete reset of the phone, also backing up what ever you need also.
Once done , i suggest putting only one Ical entry in to Ical, and then sync it with the phone and see what happens?

If this is ok, then add a few more,  and see what happens.

I think its important to remember that the process you used to enable this feature in the first place is a hack , and as such anything can happen, which is a risk we all took in this.

In somthing like this , i suggest starting from scratch, reset the phone , do the hack again , and try the isync again ,also make sure the time and date is correct on thie as well , leave nothing to chance.

Im hopeing that MAYBE someone else has seen this and will comment on it , ive checked my sources and nothing comes up. But this is stil new and its a hack thats created this process in the first place.

let us know how it goes !



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N91/MAC: Isync Your Nokia N91

Well sooner or later someone was going to crack it before apple did.

Yesterday it was reported on that the user was able to get ISync to work with the Nokia N91.

Click here for the post its self

Here are the details , at least from what I could learn from the post its self.

I think every MAC user at this stage knows how to use and edit the metaclasses.plist file on the mac and based on the file below ive tried it.

Modify metaclasses.plist using the codes below:

<string>Nokia+Nokia N91</string>
<string>Nokia+Nokia N91-1</string>
<string>Nokia+Nokia N91</string>
<string>Nokia+Nokia N91-1<string>

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I tried it myself and for the moment it doesnt work but ill try again later on tonight when i have a clear head, if i get any results ill post them here for others to try and confirm.

Let me just add something here , a Solution is only a Solution when it has been confirmed a fix for more then 4-5 users so id be interested in any feedback based on the above.

Many Thanks



Well after spending no more then 5 mins useing Anthonys soloution i have found that it does indeed work!!

Many Thanks MUST go to Anthony for his work on find the hack, i suspect their will be loads of Apple/N91 users looking for this hack so ive include the link to the steps involved. 

Also i might point something out that Anthony may not have noticed or didnt mention for some reason.

When you sync your contacts from the Address book, and those entrys in the Address book have Photos attached, those very same photos get Synched over as well!!!

Thats right folks, contact pics get synch over as well.




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Apple and the N91 issues

Ok So ive come to what this whole blog is really about , that is useing the Apple Mac with the Nokia N91.
Im hopeing that over time ill be adding more and more to it as i read a discover things and in turn help you the reader.

So far there are Issue's, that need to be resolved if the partnership between this phone and the Apple Powerbook that i both own are to continue. Ive spent enough on this phone to make me want to find ways of useing this phone with my beloved G4 and by all that is Holy in this Green land im going to find those ways.

Let me first list in order of " Annoyed " of the current issues that I am encountering with these 2 gadgets.

1, There is currently no isync support for the N91.
This is a BIG pain in the ass for me. I use both the Calendar and Address functions alot and having them sync between the Phone and MAC would be great!
As it stands it looks like im gonna have to wait for Apple to make an update which im very confident they will soon……….soon ……apple do you hear me??……..Soon ……..please??………pretty ……please??

2, Finder will crash if you do some serious work thur it on your N91 Hardrive, ie delete files etc…..etc…..
This is a pain , and im hopeing that again Apple will pull me out.
Dont get me worng , there is some use , you can browse the folders and maybe more some files around, but if you try to add a large amount of files or delete them from a folder Finder will crash and you will have to disconnect the phone and relaunch finder again.
Im not that sure how there can be a DIY fix, if anyone has ideas id be interested.

3, Bluetooth Pairing for the Address Book.
As near as I can tell the phone will not pair with the MAC when it comes to pairing it with the Address book.
Now for those that know, this is very handy as when you have the Phone connected to the Address book you can send SMS messages from the address book directly, but in this case the address book refuses to see it even though it tells me the bluetooth is paired.
So there you have it , my current main issues with the MAC and N91, id be interested in any more that are doing the rounds as well so if you know of something else that i havent seen yet then do let me know.


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