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N91: Tips for use with the Realplayer app when playing videos

I recently received an email from Vihtori who kindly sent in some good tips on useing Realplayer when playing videos.


To fast forward and Rewind in Realplayer, press and hold the joystick UP or DOWN then release when you get to the point you want (just keep an eye in the timer on the right top corner)
To PAUSE and RESUME in Realplayer press the joystick.
To switch between full screen and normal screen in Realplayer use the "2" key on the numeric keypad
If you go to the N91 FAQ in
And search for Video you will get a lot of tips and tricks to encode videos.
You can go up to CIF size (352×288), although this may not improve the quality since the N91 will re-size the video.


Many Thanks Vihtori for your email, im sure the readers will be useing them once they get the phones.



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Nokia N91 FULL review

This is one of the best reviews of the Nokia N91 ive read in a while, lots of detail and packed with good shots of the Phone its self.

Check it out here



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Study: Mobiles with hard drives could doom iPods

Just saw this today and thought it was interesting to read.

What do you think??

 Read the Article here

Ipod Vs N91 


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Mac n Cell: Ur Mac and Cell

While doing a bit of googleing on the web i came across this nice website which is kinda like a big Brother of this blog.

As the name suggests its main focus is the use of the Cell Phone ( Mobile Phone for us euro folk) with the Apple Mac.

Its a great resource for this topic and if you are here seeking info on your Mobile/mac setup then this site it well worth a visit.

At the moment im having issues trying to publish my Links on the Sidebar to the right so untill i can get that fixed ill post the links here.


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