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I guess it still amazes Me how well this site as grown, but also amazes me in other ways to.

On average i get about 4-5 emails/Day with questions,  now dont get the mistaken, Ill certainly try to answer questions if i can , but i have to say some of the emails I've been getting  has made me wonder what people are like out there??

I get emails asking about PC/Nokia N91 related items??!! Does the Title not tell you what i own??

 Also things like , " I Need this Answered!!" puts me right off and sends that email to the trash. 

Im sorry guys , but this whole blog was a personal thing , im not being payed to do this, i do it because i love the Nokia N91 and want to share my experience with you all, but i certainly cant answer all of these crazy and down right silly questions.
Im like you  , i use Google, Yahoo , RSS Feeds, etc….. to get my answers , sure ive even used the phone direct to Nokia on some posts.

If you have a question for Me then please follow the below guidelines as ive been seeing a lot of emails with some really silly questions.

  1. I own a MAC( Apple) not a PC, any Questions that relate to a PC are deleted.
  2. I own a Nokia N91 only, i cant compare other phones unless you are willing to send it to me to compare and im sure you wont do that so there is no point in asking me which is better as i only have the Nokia N91 now.
  3.  If you ask a question that has already been answered in the Blog somewhere then ill simply delete it, why should I repeat something if all you had to do was search the blog??
  4. Questions with "Urgent, ANSWER NOW!, PLEASE PLEASE, NEED Answer Now!, will get deleted right away, your not paying me to do this so why should i rush ??

Remember guys , im like you , I use the N91 on a Day to day basis with my Apple mac, if i find something usefull or/and find an issue then ill post about it for others to read and experience, i dont have loads of free time to research your answers, so wont always get back to you right away.

Many Thanks



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Question:Can the N91 display the .m4a itunes extension Album art?

Lance sent me in an email today asking the below.


So I have a question…

Can it display the .m4a itunes extension Album art? (not itunes music store .m4p protected)

If not can you add album art to .m4a? or can you only add it to .mp3?

Maybe you could do a visual on ur blog?

Great blog by the way.

thanks alot


Thanks for the question Lance and its certainly something ill have to look in to.
Let me first reply that i only have Mp3's in my Itunes database.
What I have noticed so far ( based on owning a Apple Mac /Itunes) is this.

Useing the Nokia Music manager will not allow you to send over the Album art with the Tune , Il need to check the Docs on this but im pretty sure that there is no function on this. Ill give u an update on that.

As for the .m4a extension ive no idea but again ill give it a try and see what happens.


Q: Which media files are compatible with the Music Player on my Nokia N91?

A: Music player supports files with extensions AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, WMA, WAV, 3G2, 3GP, 3GPP, 3GPP2, MPEG, MP4, M4A, DCF, ODF, ASF, and M3U. Music player does not necessarily support all features of a file format or all the variations of file formats.

Copyright protections may prevent some images, music (including ringing tones), and other content from being copied, modified, transferred or forwarded"

The Above taken from the Nokia FAQ.

Thanks for the Email and a good question.



Ok You have asked and ive checked it out.

By useing Synctunes I sent over a test tune that Lance sent me with a Sample Art Pic as well.

I added them in to Itunes, which was fine , created a Sample playlist and and useing Synchtunes i copied over the tune itsself.

And As you can see below it does in fact show up, but not for Mp3a , at least for those coming from the Apple Mac.
Have to look in to that anyway here is the proof.



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