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Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update for N91 on Nokia site Update

Hi Guys,

As of today 1st September 06 at 9:00am GMT there is still no sign of the Nokia N91 being listed .

I of course refer to this site,,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate


As soon as it does , provide that it is today or this weekend ill do the update myself and see how it goes , and of course provide a full feedback on this post , so be sure to bookmark it.


UPDATE: 3 September, 22:50pm

Well after checking again on the site there is still no mention of the proported N91 Firmware update , which was vaunted for release on the 1st Sep.

This of course goes to show that you shouldnt take for granted what a Major company like Nokia or for that matter the Nokia Funded Blog which made this post on the 22 Aug says on when it will release this option.

Im sure that it is coming soon , but the real question is when?


UPDATE:4th Sep 07:00am
It seems that the update is there but there is a bit of a process for getting to the update firmware, please read teh below comments for more information, i my self are going to try it today.




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Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update over the air, Maybe.


So it seems that Nokia is takeing a step in the right direction at least in regards firmware updates.,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

As you will although the N91 is not yet listed it has been speculated that it maybe added around the 1st Sep but nothing from Nokia confimrs this yet.

This is great news for those that are unable to go to a Nokia reseller and get a much needed update to their phone but it also has draw backs belive it or not.

If you consider the 2 options that are being offered above , “Update over the air” and “Update via Pc USB cable” there are certain things that need to be considered.

“Update over the air” or “FOTA”
Depending on the size of the firmware update this could be expensive if it is useing GPRS connection, so depending on your operator this could be expensive.

“Update via PC usb”
Ok i belive this to be better as their is no cost impiled to the user, only that they download to their pc ( What about the Apple mac??)

And my own idea being what about users useing the built in WIFI to navigate to the nokia site and download via WIFI connection thru the internet.
I think that would be much better in the long run.

Anyway , lets see what happens in the next week or so!



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Nokia N91: A carry case that fits!


As some of you will already be aware i had a major issue with Nokia’s CP-69 Carry case for the N91 phone, simpy that it didnt fit it.

Iwasnt alone in this , others had reported the same thing so it was confirmed .
People trusted the Nokia Website as gospel , and why shouldnt they , sure the Company that produces the Nokia N91 should know how to design the perfect carry case for it!

But alas we were all mistaken, and bitten badly thanks to Nokia’s mess of carry case .

How could they get it so worng?? Well i put it simply down to lack of consideration for its customers, certainly it can be seen with the phone its self with many reporting frequent crashes on the first batch that was released on the public at large.

Even the useless blog ” Word on the Blog N91″ tried to defend such a carry case by makeing a post giveing a “fix” that with a little effort the N91 would fit in to the case although a bit tight fitting. Gimme a break will ya! The blog is sponsored by Nokia so im not to surprised by their post to try and bring back some cred to the company that produced such a god awfull case. As my old business teacher told me once, if you want to know who owns who then follow the money trial. In this case Nokia owns the blog and so they say what they are told to say.

Anyway , im glad to say that ive now received a new case , not from Nokia but from a great link post on this very Blog by you the readers ( who arent owned by Nokia ;-))

The link is below…

I have to say many thanks to Paul for the suggestion and it is a perfect fit ( far better then the Nokia CP-69).

The Leather is excellent quality and the rotateing clip is very handy indeed.

So if you guys are looking for a Case id recommend this one.


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Nokia N91: Nokia HDW-3 Bluetooth Headset

I recently purchased very cheaply a Nokia Bluetooth headset, that being HDW-3 , to see what it was like with the phone. Now first a few specs on the device….

  • supports the Bluetooth Headset and Handsfree profiles, as well as Bluetooth 1.1 and 1
  • Active link indication with LED light
    • Security: Encrypted link
    • Weight: 25 g
    • Bluetooth Compliance: Bluetooth 1.2 specification, 2.45 GHz ISM band, frequency hopping 79 channels Best price at
    • Operating Range Up to 10 metres
    • Connection: Point-to-point
    • Paired Devices: Up to 8, one at a time
    • Operating Temperature: -15°C up to +55°C
    • Talk Time: Up to 5 hours
    • Standby Time: Up to 120 hours
    • Battery: Rechargeable 170 mAh NiMH battery, user changeable
    • Compatible Nokia Chargers: ACP-7, ACP-8, ACP-9, ACP-12, LCH-12
    • Charging Time: Up to 2 hours

    In the box: Nokia Wireless Headset HDW-3, rechargeable 170 NiMH battery, 3 extra different sized ear loops.

Ok So whats it like with the phone??

Well its very easy to setup once you have the bluetooth connection live all you need to do is pair it up and then your all set.

The quality of the sound isnt that good but then this is the first  model to come out in 2004 and i got it fairly cheaply.
Ive even got it to play music through it , allthough its not worth  it really as again the sound quality let you down in the end.

For a basic headset to simply answer and receive calls it does the job , voice commands ( or Voice Tags) work well, but you havnt got that many options , only being able to tell it which profile to use , go online or off line, and thats about it.

Anyway , its spurred me on to having a look around for other Bluetooth headsets that are available and was wondering if anyone had any good experiences with the phone??


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Nokia N91: Unable to play Quicktime Mov’s

Email in from Matt with what im sure is a question most users have asked..


Hiya, thanks for your site, it’s come in very handy, particulary seeing as I’ve only had the phone for 2 days. I’m trying to transfer a quicktime mov off my powerbook to the phone. There’s nothing in the manual that specifies that the N91 can’t deal with Quicktime files but I don’t seem able to get it to accept it. I’ve tried various ways, including copying the mov into iTunes and using music manager to transfer the file but it doesn’t come up on my phone after the transfer is complete.
Any clues?
Thanks again,


Well Matt this is something i tried ages ago and it doesnt work.

Here is the reason why……

Q: What Video Formats does the Nokia device support? What settings should I use to encode videos for my Nokia device?

Nokia device incorporates a media player that can support many different formats both in local playback and streaming (3gp, 3g2, mp4, rm). It???s important to note that the video screen size is 176×144 (qCIF) in normal mode and 208×176 in full screen mode. Keep this in mind when encoding video content. The best experience will be when you can match the resolution pixel by pixel. Other resolutions supported are 128×96 (sub-qCIF), 176×96, 160×120, 352×288 (CIF) The maximum bitrate is affected by the number of frames per second, the size of the video and the quality (bitrate) of the encoding. The higher the bitrate the bigger the files.  For most applications a frame rate of 11-15 fps is good enough, 20-30 fps is needed for fast moving videos.  Higher bitrates in general create better quality videos but larger files. If the bitrate is too high there could be a drop-off in framerate during playback. AMR (narrow band NB or wide band WB) produces smaller files but the audio quality is low. This is best used for voice tracks or when optimizing for file size. For best audio quality use mpeg4 AAC audio. A bit rate of 48 kbps in AAC produces good quality audio for most situations. At low bitrates (e.g. 64kbps) MPEG4 video codec produces sharper pictures than h263. In order to encode videos to enjoy in your Nokia device you can use several encoding applications. Nokia PC Suite???s Multimedia Player allows you to convert some file types to .3GP in various resolutions and bitrates, for the most part the Multimedia Player will optimize for file size, the audio format is converted to NB-AMR 8kHz Mono. Other commercial converters are available, when encoding you can use the following formats:
– 3GP, 3G2.  (3GPP, 3GPP2)
– Video:  Several resolutions up to CIF (352×288) up to 25 fps with a maximum recommended bitrate of ~ 350 kbps. Use h263 or MPEG4 encoder. Best results are when using VBR (Variable bit rate)
– Audio:  NB-AMR, WB-AMR or MPEG4 audio in mono or stereo, up to 128 kbps @ 44.1 KHz. Sample rate.
Sample settings:
– Video: 176×144 (normal screen) or 208×176 (for full screen), Mpeg4 or h263 15 fps, 350 kbps bitrate or VBR
– Audio: Mpeg4aac stereo 48 kbps bitrate, 44.1 KHz sample rate, MP4

This is a different container for the video and audio use the same settings as with 3gp or 3g2.
– RM Realvideo codec 8, 9 and 10 is supported. Bitrates of up to 128 kbps.
– .rmvb (variable bitrate) is supported.
– At this time Realvideo 7 is not supported. For video streaming Helix server 6 is not supported.

Hope that clears it up.

Be sure to have a good search of my blog on HOW to encode your video.



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Nokia N91: Firmware info update

HI ,

I thought that it might be a good idea to let you all know the current status of the Nokia N91 Firmware as it stands.

Please be aware that this pertains to Ireland, and I cant validate for any other country, how ever from what I understand the updates are universal so should remain the same, if in doubt in your local area i suggest to contact you local Nokia stockist.

Below you will see a detailed listing of the updates that have so far appeared for the Nokia N91, please note that overall there are no new updates, at least as of June 9/ 06 an this list pertains to Firmware versions 1.00.028xxxx & 1.01.001xxxx ( xxxx being the Country code).

In general there have been small updates released by Nokia but nothing on a grand scale but it is good to see that updates are being released to some extent so , if you are having issue, they may be simple bugs that can be fixed by these updates.

·  TPO content SW package 
TPO content SW package (for MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  09 June 2006    Size:  261.6 MB

·  Minor Data Package 
RM-43 dp v 4.03 (MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  09 June 2006    Size:  7.9 MB

·  Tutorial content SW package 
Tutorial content SW package (for MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  11 May 2006    Size:  9.4 MB

·  Minor Data Package 
RM-43 dp v 4.02 (MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  11 May 2006    Size:  32.2 MB

·  Minor Data Package 
RM-43 dp v 4.01 (MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  05 May 2006    Size:  9.9 MB

·  Major Data Package 
Rm-43 dp v 4.0 (MCU SW 1.00.028 & 1.01.001)
Date:  13 April 2006    Size:  98.7 MB

I received this information from a local Nokia stockist, im not free to give the name out but the source is reliable.

Hope this is usefull to some of you.



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N91-MAC: Questions , Questions


I guess it still amazes Me how well this site as grown, but also amazes me in other ways to.

On average i get about 4-5 emails/Day with questions,  now dont get the mistaken, Ill certainly try to answer questions if i can , but i have to say some of the emails I've been getting  has made me wonder what people are like out there??

I get emails asking about PC/Nokia N91 related items??!! Does the Title not tell you what i own??

 Also things like , " I Need this Answered!!" puts me right off and sends that email to the trash. 

Im sorry guys , but this whole blog was a personal thing , im not being payed to do this, i do it because i love the Nokia N91 and want to share my experience with you all, but i certainly cant answer all of these crazy and down right silly questions.
Im like you  , i use Google, Yahoo , RSS Feeds, etc….. to get my answers , sure ive even used the phone direct to Nokia on some posts.

If you have a question for Me then please follow the below guidelines as ive been seeing a lot of emails with some really silly questions.

  1. I own a MAC( Apple) not a PC, any Questions that relate to a PC are deleted.
  2. I own a Nokia N91 only, i cant compare other phones unless you are willing to send it to me to compare and im sure you wont do that so there is no point in asking me which is better as i only have the Nokia N91 now.
  3.  If you ask a question that has already been answered in the Blog somewhere then ill simply delete it, why should I repeat something if all you had to do was search the blog??
  4. Questions with "Urgent, ANSWER NOW!, PLEASE PLEASE, NEED Answer Now!, will get deleted right away, your not paying me to do this so why should i rush ??

Remember guys , im like you , I use the N91 on a Day to day basis with my Apple mac, if i find something usefull or/and find an issue then ill post about it for others to read and experience, i dont have loads of free time to research your answers, so wont always get back to you right away.

Many Thanks


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