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Nokia N91: V 2.00.052 Current known Issues only

Hi Guys ,

Well firstly many thanks for your comments on the blog , its been getting loads of Hits each day  and it keeps getting better.

Id like to make a collection of known issues that are only related to this version of the firmware only. So if you have discovered a Bug in the OS then post it here , but only with the below criteria so as not to confuse the issue.

Only report the Bug if the below is followed……

1, Only Bugs related to V 2.00.052 ONLY

2, It can be recreated by your self time and again. ie repeatable

3, There is NO fix or Workaround

lets see what we have got .




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Nokia N91: Update Carry Case post.


This issue keeps going , have update the post with some thoughts and a feed back to a recent responce from a Nokia funded Blog.

read it here folks 


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Nokia N91: CP-69 Carry case does NOT fit N91 Phone. UPDATED!

HI All ,

A while back i posted that i was going to get a carry case for the phone.

Based on Nokia’s own site here…..

Here is a File of a Screenshot i

As you will see it certainly makes a note that the Case is compatiable with the Nokia N91.

I can confirm that it is NOT compatiable with the phone.

This is not the only instance.

At Nokia’s site,,83227,00.html?s=N91

Here is a File of a Screenshot I made Cp69

As you can see above it is again listed as being compatiable with the phone.

As im sure you can imagine having purchased and waited for it to arrive and only then to find that it doesnt fit makes my blood boil.

Ive posted in the Discussions board at Nokia here

Ill be waiting and watching for Nokia’s reply , but i wont wait for to long untill i start makeing this known all over the place on other blogs, Notice Boards, Message Boards etc……….

Id be interested if anyone else got caught on this??



Well i recevied an email back from Nokia , however they appear to be simply trained monkeys when you read the copy i have pasted below.


Dear Mr Buckley

Thank you for contacting Nokia Helpline.

With regard to your email enquiry concerning your Nokia N91, the CP-69 carrying case is compatible with this handset, if you visit, from there you will find all the accessories for Nokia handsets.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.

With best regards
UK & Ireland Team
Nokia Helpline


Now , I think you can understand how pissed off that makes me feel when in fact i sent them an email telling them the information on the WEBSITE its self is incorrect!

I belive trained Monkeys could come up with more of an answer.

So ive decide to provide proof of what the issue for yours and Nokia’s attention.

As you can see from the above photos, the phone is to big for the case or the case is too small for the phone.

So Nokia what are you going to do now?



The latest reply from the Nokia Support team.


Thank you for contacting Nokia Helpline.

With regard to your email enquiry concerning your Nokia N91, as far as Nokia is concerned the CP-69 is compatible with this handset, but if you are having problems with your carrying case, please return to the retailer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.

With best regards
UK & Ireland Team
Nokia Helpline

As you can see they havnt even bothered to look in the issue, they just take it for granted that Nokia is right, fools the lot of them


UPDATE: Well Well, it seems the Nokia supported blog, “All About Nokia N91 Blog” has decide to have a go at this little problem, for one thing im not surprised but it is a bit cheap as id be happy with Nokia them selves to respond rather then then have some so called blog have a go!

Why does this piss me off?? Let me explain..

Im sure you will have read their post, and their so called fix, well ladys and Gents their so called fix is a farce!
I Let look at their fix.

They say “ Here’s the fix. Close the popper before inserting the N91, insert the device into the sideways opening, then use the velcro to fasten the case. This way, the N91 slips in with consummate ease.

Id already tired this folks and its the same thing, remember its not the width thats the issue its the size from END to END thats the issue here! And ive no idea where they are getting “Consummate ease” from??? Its still the same thing!

Also, the clip on the back rotates 360 degrees, so why would you for something that can only be used one way , had the case been designed correctly then the phone would slip in to the case no matter what .

SO as stated before , please save your money and DO NOT BUY this case, as im sure you have seen below in the comments others have been stung by this before ,and also remember this ….

“All About N91” is a Nokia ™ sponsored resource!!!  So of course they are going to plug the phone as best they can so if you want real life experience then this blog is the place to be as im certainly not getting paid by Nokia!



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Nokia N91:WLAN disconnects after Page View

A new email from Henry on disconnets from the web with the phone…


Hi Mac,

I am wondering if you could help me I just got my N91 about 2 weeks ago,
and I think its a great phone aside from its weight.
I am just wondering does your N91 got disconnected everytime it finishes
opening a webpage using WLAN connection?
Because my N 91 got need to reestablish connection every time I wanted to go
to a different page/website. At first it tries to open the page and after a
while it will give a notice that I got disconnected.
Does this has something to do with the phone settings/designs that prompt
the WLAN connection to disconnect everytime it finishes loading a page
inorder to save batteries.
Also have you ever received a message/warning saying that the phone is out
of memory when you’re surfing the net using your N91.
Do you know how to locate more memory for surfing ? or what do I need to
clear/delete in order to free up the memory besides the cookies and the

I just want to know if anyone ever encounter these problems or my phone just
broken and I need to get it fix or get an exchange.
Any suggestions from others on how to resolve the issues is also welcome
Thanks a lot for your help.
You have a great site and what you’re doing here is really great.
Thank You Again.




HI Henry and thanks for the email….

In my own experience i have seen this although not directly after a page is loaded usualy after say about 5mins perhaps does it then disconnect from the WLAN.

Ill have to check my settings on that and see if it happesn like yours.

Also  this may be of help as well give it a go and see how it goes.

How do I clear the browser cache on my Nokia device?

The information or services you have accessed are stored in the cache memory of the device.

A cache is a memory location that is used to store data temporarily. If you have tried to access or have accessed confidential information requiring passwords, empty the cache after each use. The information or services you have accessed are stored in the cache.

To empty the cache, press the Menu key and select Services. Select Options > Advanced options > Clear cache.



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Nokia N91: Phone Unstable

John , an avid reader has send in this rather sorrowfull email about his phone.


Hey there,

I’ve been following your blog and commenting for a while now and I
have finally hit upon a set of problems that I can find no resolution
for and am hoping that the community of readers can help with!

1. No media, pictures/videos/tracks/sound clips show up in the Gallery
option anymore. Even though I can see the pictures/videos/tracks/sound
clips using the File Manager and they have all been stored in the
default locations.
2. Every time I turn the phone off and turn it back on, I get a
message saying that it was “Unable to complete installation from hard
drive. To install remaining applications please use the Application
Manager.” Now in the App. Mngr. the only program is the Nokia Life
Blog that I have installed and uninstalled but the installation file
remains and I cannot delete it.
3. Sending an SMS is a painful process. It take close to 3 minutes for
the phone to be usable after you press the send button.
4. The Contacts application randomly exits and restarts.

It, like Windows XP (thankfully I use a Powerbook at work!), needs to
be rebooted once a day for best effect.

Any and all suggestions would be welcome!




Well John ,

It seems youve got it bad there Mate, But let me have my 5 cents worth .

1, This sounds to be like te harddrive needs to be refreshed , perhaps even reformated useing ONLY the tools that are on the phone, give that a go and see what happens.

2, Hmmmm never heard of this , BUT i suggestdoing a refresh of the Flash Memory maybe something there keeps it doing this .

3, That just aint right mate , im thinking Firmware update is needed bad here.

4,Again this smells of a broken firmware to me.

All in All i think your looking at a complete reset and if still after that its not behaving then get your self a Firmware update.



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Nokia N91: Hangups with Firmware every day?

A lovely email sent in by Rene……


Hi mac,


The n91 is a great phone, music player, camera and what not. I’m a proud owner for a couple of weeks, but… during regular use ( only 2 apps running: music player & sms compose / send ) i’m suddenly forced to reboot because of a system / application hangup. An effort to compose a new message results in a halted screen. Shutting down the application through the running applications overview has no effect. Rebooting the device once or twice a day has become a standard procedure.

So my question is, are you experiencing similar hangups with the newer firmware? Because right now i’m still running the release firmware. ( 29/3/06 ). The nearest repair centre didn’t have a newer firmware, grr.

Quite nasty of Nokia, because it reminds me of the nokia 7710 (symbian 60)  that i owned about a year ago. Also awfull hangups and overall slow performance compared to other symbian phones.
I’m getting the impression that Nokia isn’t really paying attention to the long term user experience of their symbian phones.

I predict that the usability and user experience of the n91 will be two huge road blocks for the n91 to become an ipod killer or even having succes, if nothing is done to reduce hangups that is.


For now, we’ll have to close our eyelids when an error occurs 🙂


Greetings from \nHolland,



“,0] ); D([“ce”]); //–>Greetings from Holland,




Thanks for the mail

Well let me start of by saying that i too have the hangups, however not every day , if forced to say how often , id say maybe once every 2-3 weeks.

Also , my Firmware is the same as you for this reason…..

Nokia N91-1

v1.00.28.58   where 58 relates to the country.

So in effect I have almost the same Firmware as you.

BUT  i do have a suggestion, one thing that is bound to be diffrent on our phones from each other is what software we have.

I suggest removeing software one piece at a time and see how often the hangs happen, this will then give you a rough idea of the cause and how to avoid it.

When last i checked a new firmware is due out sometime this month so Ill keep m ears open for that , or indeed let us know here.



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Nokia N91: Mass Storage not working, Unable to read.

A Very well written email was sent in to me by Ben, who goes on to explain an interesting issue He is having….


Greetings Macbuckley,

Thanks for running such a great site for just what I need – using a
Mac with the N91 (which I just got a week ago – the N91 that is).

All is well, however I guess I should find out if anyone else has had
this issue:

Mass Storage not working

I have had no problems with the phone at all, however this morning I
got the issue reported about Finder crashing when copying files to
the phone (I was copying some album art images at the time). Anyway,
it seemed that there was a folder left there after I had to relaunch
Finder, which was corrupted. I could not delete this via the phone or
via Bluetooth, so decided to reformat the drive (Full Format not
Quick), however since then when selecting the 'Mass Storage' option
when connecting the USB cable, it reports that it cannot read the
drive and needs to be formatted. Normally you would think this would
be a HDD problem, however I can transfer music with no problems using
the Music Manager, as well as being able to drop files on it via
Bluetooth, however no dice when it comes to mounting the drive on the
desktop as Mass Storage.

FYI – I tired it on a PC (in case) and it also reported the drive as
not being formatted there as well.

I am going to get it looked at via the local Nokia specialist, who
will upate the firmware, but what is weird, was that it was working
this morning! And also, did the format as well! I don't really want
to do a full factory reset, but we shall see. I will update you as I go.

Cannot find anyone else online who has had this issue!




Many Thanks for the Email Ben, you wouldnt belove the kind of emails ive been getting of late , but thats another story.

You mention that finder crashes when copying or moving large files, well this is a known issue and I know of a few users with the same issue.

Im hopeing that Apple/Nokia work something out or it defeats the purpose of having a 4gb HD in the phone. Time will tell on that one.

Now on to the More Interesting issue….

 You say "when selecting the 'Mass Storage' option
when connecting the USB cable, it reports that it cannot read the
drive and needs to be formatted.
can transfer music with no problems using
the Music Manager, as well as being able to drop files on it via
Bluetooth, however no dice when it comes to mounting the drive on the
desktop as Mass Storage."

This sounds to me that the the process was not compeleted fully, perhaps certain parts of the drive are formatted and not others??

Id like to suggest to redo the Format process and see what happens, as this is very odd indeed.

Also do a FULL , from what i remeber it will or shud do error checking and then format the drive so this should clear it up , also make sure its pluged in to the charger for the full lenght of time it takes to do the reformat.

Note: the Drive should never be reformated with anything other then the built in tools that come with the phone , also  only FAT32 is supported nothing else.

Let us know how it goes , but be interesting to see what the Nokia Agent says as well.



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