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Nokia N91: What Firmware only have you?

Its been a busy week with everyone busy updateing the firmware of their Nokia N91 so i think it will be interesting to get some perspective on it now.

To Find out what Firmware you have type *#0000#
Id like to ask that for all those who have updated their phone can you please post your Firmware version only with your country.

Anything else and ill delete it , I just want to see if their is any dif between the Firmware depending on where or your phone.

Illl start of with mine being,

Phone Info

V 2.00.052



N91 (58.01)




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Nokia N91: Unable to play Quicktime Mov’s

Email in from Matt with what im sure is a question most users have asked..


Hiya, thanks for your site, it’s come in very handy, particulary seeing as I’ve only had the phone for 2 days. I’m trying to transfer a quicktime mov off my powerbook to the phone. There’s nothing in the manual that specifies that the N91 can’t deal with Quicktime files but I don’t seem able to get it to accept it. I’ve tried various ways, including copying the mov into iTunes and using music manager to transfer the file but it doesn’t come up on my phone after the transfer is complete.
Any clues?
Thanks again,


Well Matt this is something i tried ages ago and it doesnt work.

Here is the reason why……

Q: What Video Formats does the Nokia device support? What settings should I use to encode videos for my Nokia device?

Nokia device incorporates a media player that can support many different formats both in local playback and streaming (3gp, 3g2, mp4, rm). It???s important to note that the video screen size is 176×144 (qCIF) in normal mode and 208×176 in full screen mode. Keep this in mind when encoding video content. The best experience will be when you can match the resolution pixel by pixel. Other resolutions supported are 128×96 (sub-qCIF), 176×96, 160×120, 352×288 (CIF) The maximum bitrate is affected by the number of frames per second, the size of the video and the quality (bitrate) of the encoding. The higher the bitrate the bigger the files.  For most applications a frame rate of 11-15 fps is good enough, 20-30 fps is needed for fast moving videos.  Higher bitrates in general create better quality videos but larger files. If the bitrate is too high there could be a drop-off in framerate during playback. AMR (narrow band NB or wide band WB) produces smaller files but the audio quality is low. This is best used for voice tracks or when optimizing for file size. For best audio quality use mpeg4 AAC audio. A bit rate of 48 kbps in AAC produces good quality audio for most situations. At low bitrates (e.g. 64kbps) MPEG4 video codec produces sharper pictures than h263. In order to encode videos to enjoy in your Nokia device you can use several encoding applications. Nokia PC Suite???s Multimedia Player allows you to convert some file types to .3GP in various resolutions and bitrates, for the most part the Multimedia Player will optimize for file size, the audio format is converted to NB-AMR 8kHz Mono. Other commercial converters are available, when encoding you can use the following formats:
– 3GP, 3G2.  (3GPP, 3GPP2)
– Video:  Several resolutions up to CIF (352×288) up to 25 fps with a maximum recommended bitrate of ~ 350 kbps. Use h263 or MPEG4 encoder. Best results are when using VBR (Variable bit rate)
– Audio:  NB-AMR, WB-AMR or MPEG4 audio in mono or stereo, up to 128 kbps @ 44.1 KHz. Sample rate.
Sample settings:
– Video: 176×144 (normal screen) or 208×176 (for full screen), Mpeg4 or h263 15 fps, 350 kbps bitrate or VBR
– Audio: Mpeg4aac stereo 48 kbps bitrate, 44.1 KHz sample rate, MP4

This is a different container for the video and audio use the same settings as with 3gp or 3g2.
– RM Realvideo codec 8, 9 and 10 is supported. Bitrates of up to 128 kbps.
– .rmvb (variable bitrate) is supported.
– At this time Realvideo 7 is not supported. For video streaming Helix server 6 is not supported.

Hope that clears it up.

Be sure to have a good search of my blog on HOW to encode your video.



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Nokia N91: Current Issues……Problems…..

Applelover, has sent me in a list of questions that Ill try and answer, the reason i post it is these relate to the current issues experienced by a lot of Nokia N91 users.


Hey Macbuckley,

I'd like to start off by saying this is a wonderful site out there
for the niche of people who own an n91 along with an Apple computer.
I've owned my n91 for exactly 1 week now and have couple of issues
and questions (btw, I'm using it with a 1.83ghz Macbook Pro, in case
this helps).

1)  I believe this issue was brought up on the blog with sending
files from the n91 to a Mac via
      bluetooth.  The file transfer will just freeze up somewhere
around the 250kb mark.  Any
      speculation if this is an issue with the bluetooth firmware in
the Macbook Pro or an issue
      with the n91 firmware?

2)  This phone is beautiful to look at but it is very slow and
sometimes freezes.  There have
      been a few times so far where I try to access the camera or
video recorder and the phone
      just freezes up automatically and I have to do a reboot on the
phone (a big annoyance).

3)  I'm sure others have experienced this issues with themes not
working (downloaded from
      sites such as and a few others.  Has
anyone out been able to get
      any themes not loaded with the phone to work on there n91?

4)  This is less of an issues and more of a question.  I programmed
my university's e-mail
      account settings into the Nokia mail client.  I can connect to
the inbox fine via a WLAN
      connection but how do I switch between folders?  So for
example, I can access the inbox
      but I cannot access other folders such as my "sent", "school
work", "personal" folders.  If

“,0] ); D([“ce”]); //–>       anyone out there can help with this I'll be so grateful.

5)  The file transfer software Nokia developed for Apple's isn't
quite working for me.  Whenever
      I connect my n91 to my Mac via usb cable and then the
software, i always get an error
      saying disconnect and try again (or something to that affect).

-This is a nice phone and all but I wish I didn't have so many issues
for the kind of money I paid


P.S.:  I'm running V.   29-03-06  RM-43


Ok , Let me try and answer each question in turn…..

1,  This is a Good Question but without futher information its hard to say. But ill try…

Its my belife that the issue is more phone based then MAC related, if you think of this , any other drive that is connected via Bluetooth or USB seems to work fine , yet when the N91 is connected then the issues arise. This leads me to belive that the issue is with the phone and hopefully wil be resolved with a firmware update soon. 

2, freezeing while you access the main apps??  HMmm cant say that happens to me much, i think it might be worth noteing how much RAM you have left on the phone, NOT the Harddrive , but rather the phones Flash memory as this can lead to these kinds of things. See if you can clean that up a bit , reboot and see what happens.

3, Ive never really bothered much with other themes other then what came with the phone but for the times that ive done it i never really had an issue. I suggest getting themes direct from Nokia if possible , perhaps there are other places people can suggest here?

4, I use mine to connect to my Gmail with no issues, but for accessing the other folders really depends on the type of access you are useing, POP3 etc…etc…. more info would be needed if you can post a comments here for others to see.

5, Are you refering to the Nokia Music Manager?? 
What setting do you place it in on the phone when you connect up? PC Suite, Media Player or Storage??   what exactly is the error message??

All in all, have you tried backing up ur stuff on the phone and doing a full reset??



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Nokia N91: Normal Headphones and make a Call?

An Email sent in by Paul asks what i would think is a common question…


Hi Mac, I am thinking of getting a N91 and have a question.

If I am using my own headphones, am i still able to make a call?  With other phones you need the little microphone on the headset, but with your own headphones the 'remote control' will not be there as I understand you plug straight into the phones jack.

Many thanks



Hi Paul ,

Thanks for the Email.

I can indeed report that any headphone that you plug in to the Phones 3.5mm jack will also allow you to make abd receive calls. All that happens is that if the remote mic is not present then the phones onw mic is then used by the receiveing sound if put through the headphones ou have pluged in.

Hope that Answers your Question.


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Nokia N91: Hangups with Firmware every day?

A lovely email sent in by Rene……


Hi mac,


The n91 is a great phone, music player, camera and what not. I’m a proud owner for a couple of weeks, but… during regular use ( only 2 apps running: music player & sms compose / send ) i’m suddenly forced to reboot because of a system / application hangup. An effort to compose a new message results in a halted screen. Shutting down the application through the running applications overview has no effect. Rebooting the device once or twice a day has become a standard procedure.

So my question is, are you experiencing similar hangups with the newer firmware? Because right now i’m still running the release firmware. ( 29/3/06 ). The nearest repair centre didn’t have a newer firmware, grr.

Quite nasty of Nokia, because it reminds me of the nokia 7710 (symbian 60)  that i owned about a year ago. Also awfull hangups and overall slow performance compared to other symbian phones.
I’m getting the impression that Nokia isn’t really paying attention to the long term user experience of their symbian phones.

I predict that the usability and user experience of the n91 will be two huge road blocks for the n91 to become an ipod killer or even having succes, if nothing is done to reduce hangups that is.


For now, we’ll have to close our eyelids when an error occurs 🙂


Greetings from \nHolland,



“,0] ); D([“ce”]); //–>Greetings from Holland,




Thanks for the mail

Well let me start of by saying that i too have the hangups, however not every day , if forced to say how often , id say maybe once every 2-3 weeks.

Also , my Firmware is the same as you for this reason…..

Nokia N91-1

v1.00.28.58   where 58 relates to the country.

So in effect I have almost the same Firmware as you.

BUT  i do have a suggestion, one thing that is bound to be diffrent on our phones from each other is what software we have.

I suggest removeing software one piece at a time and see how often the hangs happen, this will then give you a rough idea of the cause and how to avoid it.

When last i checked a new firmware is due out sometime this month so Ill keep m ears open for that , or indeed let us know here.



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Nokia N91: Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for the Nokia N91

An interesting mail from Paul with what looks to be a cool add on for the Nokia N91.


Hi Mac,
I love this 'phone & have just used it to shoot a shop report video
for work that was very well received. ( I'm a graphic designer ). I
use it to check my .mac mail & it is basically the device I've waited
for all my life.

I have 2 questions. Apologies,  I'm sure you are very busy & have
probably already posted replies to these questions.

Can I use my plantronics pulsar headphones without the dongle ? I
have tried but think the 'phone doesn't support the profile ?

How do I find out what firmware my 'phone has & then update it if an
update is available. Will the update include the headset profile ?

Thanks again for bothering to put up the site I'll have a good wade
through from home !



 Hi Paul , Well firstly like ive said before always do a search on the site BEFORE you send an email in , in most cases , and certainly in this ive already answered the more common questions, this being the Firmware question.

To find out the Firmware version is easy,

Type in *#0000#   and this will be then be displayed.


Now on to your first question

"Can I use my plantronics pulsar headphones without the dongle ?" 

According to the Website, ( Hint) it states the below:

  • For stereo listening, Bluetooth® devices must support the Bluetooth Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). Devices that do not support the A2DP profile must use the Plantronics universal adapter.
  • Bluetooth mobile phones with built-in MP3 must support the Bluetooth Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for stereo listening.

Currently as far as I am aware , the Nokia does not have A2DP as standard , but it may do in a future firmware update , to which i must make a call and see if there is any sign of it.

So i guess at the moment you will have to use the dongle, at least for the time being.

Sorry Mate.



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Nokia N91: ScreenSaver , Any thing Bigger?

A recent Email from Daniel…


Hi Mac, Daniel again.
Finally got my N91 and it´s all I hoped it would be!
I would like to ask you (or any of your readers) know if there is a screensaver with a bigger clock available for the N91?



Well im not to keen on the idea of a Screensaver , at least not on a phone, i dont really see the need for one as the screen goes dim anyway to protect its self .

But if you know of anywhere to get this bigger screensaver then please do let us know here,



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