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Some Cool Apps for the Symbian

So as I was browsing though some application lists for the Symbian, I thought of posting a few apps that I thought were quite unusual and interesting. So let’s jump into it with both feet and see what we find!

–First one that I looked at was one that would play a video when someone calls. This program, Skyetones, has soaring capabilities. You can record your friend saying hey to you and set it as the “ringtone” for when they call. The software is very inexpensive, around $8. You can find it here!

— Another one was the BTWebCamera S60. With this application, you can use your phone as a web camera for your computer. Though you need a Bluetooth dongle on your computer for it. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find any links to this program, I believe its only available on P2P networks and forums. If you find a direct link, let me know!

–While we are on Bluetooth dongles, I also found a very interesting software. It is a java based remote control over Bluetooth program for your computer. I’ve actually played with this program and I think its amazing and I’ll be using it very often. You can start any program, play songs, rewind, forward and much more. It even has a LIVE screen capture with the cursor so you can move your mouse around. Now that must make you say WOW, It sure did me. You can find some interesting info about it here.

Those are the only attractive ones that I have found so far! Enjoy!




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Nokia N91: Black & 8GB to go please!

N91 7gb

HI All!

Well i guess I couldnt stand by and not post about the news of the updated Nokia N91.
So what do we know so far???

Well first what Nokia Has to say….

“Music for the masses. Take control of your tunes with 8GB of pure high-quality stereo. Snap superior images with the 2 megapixel camera and enjoy a rich mobile internet experience. The Nokia N91 8GB with MP3 player capability is your new musical companion.”

Ok So what or how is it diffrent from the 4gb model??

Well not much really, what we do know is ….
It will be Black, have 8gb HDD and thats about it. NO support for Wireless Bluetooth stereo headsets have been added yet , but we always have the firmware updates!

I for one are not to pushed about this news , i dont use all of my 4gb as it is so having an extra 4 gb to play with is not that important to me really .
The phone coming inBlack is good ,and Id love if mine came in Black as well but i can live with it.

But there is more to this then a new Model of our fav Nokia phone,

If there is a new Model then it should mean that support for the phone should also improve as well, after all why release a new phone with these specs to take on the IPOD if you dont have the support behind it?? We have already seen it with the release of DIY Firmware updates on the web , so its reasonable to assume that Nokia is takeing it all very serious.

For those that are interested here is the link to Nokia N91 8gb product page its self

Nokia N91 8GB


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Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update for N91 on Nokia site Update

Hi Guys,

As of today 1st September 06 at 9:00am GMT there is still no sign of the Nokia N91 being listed .

I of course refer to this site,,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate


As soon as it does , provide that it is today or this weekend ill do the update myself and see how it goes , and of course provide a full feedback on this post , so be sure to bookmark it.


UPDATE: 3 September, 22:50pm

Well after checking again on the site there is still no mention of the proported N91 Firmware update , which was vaunted for release on the 1st Sep.

This of course goes to show that you shouldnt take for granted what a Major company like Nokia or for that matter the Nokia Funded Blog which made this post on the 22 Aug says on when it will release this option.

Im sure that it is coming soon , but the real question is when?


UPDATE:4th Sep 07:00am
It seems that the update is there but there is a bit of a process for getting to the update firmware, please read teh below comments for more information, i my self are going to try it today.



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Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update over the air, Maybe.


So it seems that Nokia is takeing a step in the right direction at least in regards firmware updates.,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

As you will although the N91 is not yet listed it has been speculated that it maybe added around the 1st Sep but nothing from Nokia confimrs this yet.

This is great news for those that are unable to go to a Nokia reseller and get a much needed update to their phone but it also has draw backs belive it or not.

If you consider the 2 options that are being offered above , “Update over the air” and “Update via Pc USB cable” there are certain things that need to be considered.

“Update over the air” or “FOTA”
Depending on the size of the firmware update this could be expensive if it is useing GPRS connection, so depending on your operator this could be expensive.

“Update via PC usb”
Ok i belive this to be better as their is no cost impiled to the user, only that they download to their pc ( What about the Apple mac??)

And my own idea being what about users useing the built in WIFI to navigate to the nokia site and download via WIFI connection thru the internet.
I think that would be much better in the long run.

Anyway , lets see what happens in the next week or so!



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Nokia N91: New Firmware Update 2.00.052

Hi ,

Ive just been informed that there has been a recent update to the Firmware for the Nokia N91.

So far reports are that the only real addtions to the phone are…

Windows DRM version 10,

Better energy management

Id like to get more reports and also need to do the update my self when i get the time.

So if you notice some new bug fixes , improvements let me know here and ill post them for all to see.

Oh and one more thing , I keep seeing the emails and posts from people asking if its possible to download the firmware from the Internet, or have it sent to them.

The Simple answer is NO you MUST go to a Nokia Store or reseller and ask for the update , also it shud not cost you anything at all.

IM hope to get my update soon just need to arrange it with my local Nokia Store, i expect ill have it done by Thursday next week.



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Nokia N91: Podcasting user Experience.

Hi ,

OK Since the day that ive heard of it iv been interested in this app from Nokia , if it does what it says it can i belive that this can be a very usefull app , but not in the way that Nokia thinks, more on that later.

Firstly some info on it……..

If you arent aware of what podcasts are then you are in serious trouble , with the release of the Ipod ( hint) it has become mainstream all over the internet, and in some cases is very usefull. Click here for info
To install click on this link to take you to this page to download the file and send it direct to your Nokia N91 and install on to the phone, ive used the harddrive to install it on but you can decide for your self where you want as I dont think it makes much differance.

Install is easy, just say yes to every question it may ask.

So what do you get ??

Well the shortcut will be installed in the default location, My own folder.

(Above) So far it looks simple to use, the Podcasts will hold what ever you have currently downloaded or added to from the Directories folder. And there is the added trick of being able to search thru your Podcasts , however ive yet to test that , stay tuned.

(Above) As you can see i have nothing in there at the moment , but that will change when i get home from work and use the WIFI network i have there.( I will update this post when i have content to add)

(Above) This is what you will find in the Directories Folder, from here you can add in more even add an OPML file if you so wish.

OK So thats the first part , Ill be updateing this post this eveing when i get to use the APP a bit more.

Things to note so far……

  1. easy install for everyone, just copy over via Bluetooth/USB
  2. You can choose whether the Podcasting application uses Wireless LAN (requires WLAN network access) or GPRS/WCDMA packet data (requires a packet data plan) to download podcasts to your Nokia N91
  3. Search function may well be usefull depending on what youve got downloaded .
  4. Now you can Listen/Watch , Your Mp3s, Radio, Video, and now Podcasts!!!

Also , ive received anohter App that i was testing it looked promiseing but was failing at the RSS feed end , if this app does what i Hope it does i belive it will be possbile to stream my itunes collection from my MAC to the Nokia N91 via a WIFI connection, more on that later on.




Ok Ive had a chance to use the app over my own WIFI network and im impressed!

Here is what I did….

Going in to the Directories i wanted to pick something usefull so I figured the PodShow Top 10 would be a good start if any.
Selecting the Folder or going to Options will have it ask you which Access point to use, remember it CAN use GPRS/WCMD but why bother if you have access to a free WIFI of your own or in a pub somewhere??

Once the access point is selected, it will then update the Diretories as you will see in the next shot.


Once updated we access it to see whats in there.


Nothing that i know of but hey this is just a trial run anyway.

Ok so I decide to try the first one to see what happens ,in this case it asked if i wanted to subscribe, to which i said yes.


OK once that was done a new entry was found in the Podcasts Folder, from now on this will be updated either Automaticly by the phone or by my self . As im not always in the area of a free WIFI i set it to Manual.

OK , so here i am with the list of Podcasts from the Site its self, as you see it gives details of how long ago it was released …the Title…….etc..

So i went ahead and downloaded one , over my WIFI connection it took no time at all!

Completed, now to have a listen….

Easy to do that , Options then play…… it will then open in the Music player…


Played very well , no issues that I saw….

Final Verdict…

Podcasting app from Nokia is easy to use and I encountered no hangs at all.

Im sure that the offers that come with it wont suit all , but its ok as its easy enough to add your choice of Podcast url by going in to the Options section when in Podcasts.

Anyway, ill keep useing it and see what else it can do , would be nice to hear others thoughts on it!


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N91-MAC:Nokia N91 now in the US

Once again my fav female reader Lizz has enlighted me to some news for our American readers……..


Hey Mac, Lizz here one more time.  Probably more to be
honest.  I just wanted to let you know so you can post
it on the blog for anyone else in the U.S. who is
interested in the N91 that Nokia's USA website is now
selling the N91 for $599.  We can now buy it directly
from Nokia which should solve any warranty or firmware
issues for all of us in the states.

I'll be ordering mine today or tomorrow and then soon
I'll be able to offer advice about the phone myself
instead of just asking questions.

Thanks again for all your continued help!



Many Thanks for the Info Lizz,

Ive heard that the US get screwed sometimes when it comes to mobiles, ( Cells) i even heard that its really hard to get a simple unlocked phone, ie it MUST be assigned to a network when bought?? Is that true??

Also , there is no such thing as Prepaid in the US when it comes to Mobile phone networks, everyone is on contract.

Would love to get some answers to those questions from our American readers.


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