Version Info

Here is some info:


– I do use Windows XP but also know quite a bit about MACs.

– I have an HP Pavilion 753n

– I have a Motorola SLVR and Nokia N91

– The N91 is 2.10.013 and its 17.01 N91-1


6 responses to “Version Info

  1. just got a shiny new Nokia N91 super music multimedia computer. First thing I i did is fill it up with all of the music you have stored on my laptop. I found a perfect skin… download it and install it. Woohoo pretty!
    Then I went back to the main menu on my phone and “poof” its gone!!
    I “heard” that I have to upgrade my firmware.. but I don’t know how!

    “Apparently themes are not working on N91 models with firmware older than 1.10.030.”

    What does this means ?! Please help me! I have no ideea!


  2. I’m also having this problem, got my shiny N91 just under a year, and barring the odd crash, was very happy with it for 6 months, at which point poof! No music.

    Have tried to update my firmware several times, but my current version just doesn’t seem to register with the Nokia Software Updater as having a later version.

    I love the connectivity and form factor of this phone, but really do miss being able to use as an MP3 player.

    Any ideas much appreciated.

  3. my nokia n91 4GB
    my hard Drive is not formated
    I wish to format my hard Drive
    my phone is wrote hard Drive is not avilable
    Please help me

  4. Prakash rawat

    My nokia n91 v2.20.008 not play mp4 format videos and it dosn’t support smartmovie player than show that is expired certificat.

  5. tariq munnik

    hi i formatted harddrive of my nokia n91 and want to re instal windows as think cell phone requier software deleted on harddrive. please forward advice

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