Nokia N91: “Hard Drive Unavailable” Possible fix


I recently had an email from Abhishek, who was receving this error message on his phone.

“Hard Drive Unavailable”

It didnt appear in the phone when He tried to access it  and this all started when he reformatted his phone.

The trick to fixing it as he had discovered was indeed simple.

*#7370#  this is a reset of the phone its self  and did the trick in this case.

Something i thought might help some folks out there.




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Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update for N91 How to


Jason ( AKA Death) sent me an email asking if I could post up the steps involved in performing the update to the Nokia N91.

So Jason i have simply reposted your comment.

As im sure Jason will agree , dont do this untill you backup your contacts and data on your phone FIRST!

1. Go to,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

2. Click on any PC updateable phone, I chose N70
3. Keep clicking NEXT until you are told to download the PC Nokia Firmware Update program
4. Download and install the program
5. Open it and connect your power cable and USB to the phone. Put it on PC Suite
6. Click Next and agree to the terms which are that all phone settings ect. will be erased. Everything thats on the Hard Drive will stay.
7. Click next and it will download the firmware package. It might take a while. I have 1.5 MB connection and it took about 10 mins to download
8. It will automatically Start installing the firmware. IT IS TOO LATE TO DO ANYTHING AT THIS POINT. do NOT disconnect to anything of that sort.
9. Watch your phone go on and off. Dont panic, it will come back on. It will say “Nokia N91 Test mode” and then you’re done. The phone will turn off.
10. Turn it on and re-do your settings and enjoy your new awsome phone, Lets see if it truly rocks as claimed eh?

Thanks Jason,



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Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update for N91 on Nokia site Update

Hi Guys,

As of today 1st September 06 at 9:00am GMT there is still no sign of the Nokia N91 being listed .

I of course refer to this site,,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate


As soon as it does , provide that it is today or this weekend ill do the update myself and see how it goes , and of course provide a full feedback on this post , so be sure to bookmark it.


UPDATE: 3 September, 22:50pm

Well after checking again on the site there is still no mention of the proported N91 Firmware update , which was vaunted for release on the 1st Sep.

This of course goes to show that you shouldnt take for granted what a Major company like Nokia or for that matter the Nokia Funded Blog which made this post on the 22 Aug says on when it will release this option.

Im sure that it is coming soon , but the real question is when?


UPDATE:4th Sep 07:00am
It seems that the update is there but there is a bit of a process for getting to the update firmware, please read teh below comments for more information, i my self are going to try it today.



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Nokia N91: FOTA – Firmware update over the air, Maybe.


So it seems that Nokia is takeing a step in the right direction at least in regards firmware updates.,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

As you will although the N91 is not yet listed it has been speculated that it maybe added around the 1st Sep but nothing from Nokia confimrs this yet.

This is great news for those that are unable to go to a Nokia reseller and get a much needed update to their phone but it also has draw backs belive it or not.

If you consider the 2 options that are being offered above , “Update over the air” and “Update via Pc USB cable” there are certain things that need to be considered.

“Update over the air” or “FOTA”
Depending on the size of the firmware update this could be expensive if it is useing GPRS connection, so depending on your operator this could be expensive.

“Update via PC usb”
Ok i belive this to be better as their is no cost impiled to the user, only that they download to their pc ( What about the Apple mac??)

And my own idea being what about users useing the built in WIFI to navigate to the nokia site and download via WIFI connection thru the internet.
I think that would be much better in the long run.

Anyway , lets see what happens in the next week or so!



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Nokia N91: New Firmware Update 2.00.052

Hi ,

Ive just been informed that there has been a recent update to the Firmware for the Nokia N91.

So far reports are that the only real addtions to the phone are…

Windows DRM version 10,

Better energy management

Id like to get more reports and also need to do the update my self when i get the time.

So if you notice some new bug fixes , improvements let me know here and ill post them for all to see.

Oh and one more thing , I keep seeing the emails and posts from people asking if its possible to download the firmware from the Internet, or have it sent to them.

The Simple answer is NO you MUST go to a Nokia Store or reseller and ask for the update , also it shud not cost you anything at all.

IM hope to get my update soon just need to arrange it with my local Nokia Store, i expect ill have it done by Thursday next week.



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Nokia N91: A carry case that fits!


As some of you will already be aware i had a major issue with Nokia’s CP-69 Carry case for the N91 phone, simpy that it didnt fit it.

Iwasnt alone in this , others had reported the same thing so it was confirmed .
People trusted the Nokia Website as gospel , and why shouldnt they , sure the Company that produces the Nokia N91 should know how to design the perfect carry case for it!

But alas we were all mistaken, and bitten badly thanks to Nokia’s mess of carry case .

How could they get it so worng?? Well i put it simply down to lack of consideration for its customers, certainly it can be seen with the phone its self with many reporting frequent crashes on the first batch that was released on the public at large.

Even the useless blog ” Word on the Blog N91″ tried to defend such a carry case by makeing a post giveing a “fix” that with a little effort the N91 would fit in to the case although a bit tight fitting. Gimme a break will ya! The blog is sponsored by Nokia so im not to surprised by their post to try and bring back some cred to the company that produced such a god awfull case. As my old business teacher told me once, if you want to know who owns who then follow the money trial. In this case Nokia owns the blog and so they say what they are told to say.

Anyway , im glad to say that ive now received a new case , not from Nokia but from a great link post on this very Blog by you the readers ( who arent owned by Nokia ;-))

The link is below…

I have to say many thanks to Paul for the suggestion and it is a perfect fit ( far better then the Nokia CP-69).

The Leather is excellent quality and the rotateing clip is very handy indeed.

So if you guys are looking for a Case id recommend this one.


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Nokia N91: How to perform a soft reset.

Hi Ive noticed this being asked on the web alot so thought id post it here for all to use.

How to reset to my original settings on the Nokia N91 without deleting my files.


You can reset some of the settings to their original values by pressing the Menu key, and selecting Tools > Settings > Device settings > General > Orig. phone settings. To do this, you need the lock code. After resetting, the device may take a longer time to power on. Documents and files are not affected.


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